Ishah x Beauty = fun, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gyaru, pretty & cute things and a whole lot more.

I love Asian cosmetics and circle lenses, nail art, quick and easy beauty fixes, finding good quality products at low prices and sharing all of this with you!

I started a beauty blog after being inspired by many of my favourite bloggers, Clumps of Mascara, Eki, Cheesie, Xiaxue, Violet Le Beaux, Chaigyaru and Let Them Have Polish to name a few. My focus is mainly on time and money saving products, Asian cosmetics (especially BB cream), nail polish, circle lenses, gyaru style and just my everyday beauty and fashion. I strive to present good quality reviews and photos for my readers and to showcase my individual style.

I hope you'll continue to follow my journey through the world of beauty and fashion, Ishah x Beauty style!

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