Feb 26, 2015

System Hinoki Giveaway Winner!

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Here is the winner of the giveaway :)

If you didn't win this time, keep an eye out for future giveaways!

Feb 12, 2015

Pink Hearts Valentine's Day Nail Art

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I had been struggling to come up with something for my Valentine's nails, but decided to stick with some tried and true themes: pink and hearts! Add a polka dot style pattern and glitter and voilĂ ! Instant Valentine's Day nails.

The polishes I used are OPI Bubble Bath, Sinful Colors Pink Forever, Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter and white acrylic paint for the white accents.

What I did step-by-step:

1. 1 coat of ORLY Bonder base coat
2. 1 coat of OPI Bubble Bath on my index and middle finger and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Pink Forever on the other nails.
3. I used Pink Forever and painted heart shaped tips on my index and middle fingers. Rinse and repeat, this needs 2 coats to be even.
4. I put 1 coat of Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter over Pink Forever to give it some extra sparkle.
5. I then used a toothpick and white acrylic paint to trace around the heart shapes on my index and middle fingers.
6.  I attempted something I've never done before, which is using a toothpick to make little hearts and did a polka dot style on my ring and pinky fingers. You do 2 dots next to each other and then draw them both down in a v and connect them to make a heart. It's quite simple and looks cute!
7. I drew a heart on my thumb with the white acrylic paint.
8. Waited a few minutes to let the acrylic paint dry a little and then applied 1 coat of KB Shimmer Clearly on Top top coat applied generously to avoid smearing the nail art.

I'm really loving this, since it appeals to my love for all things pink and cute. I'm definitely doing the polka dot hearts again, since it's easy (although time consuming!) and acrylic paint just makes it that much easier. Whether this will last until Valentine's Day is another story, but if I get bored, I might just come up with something cuter :p

Show me your Valentine's (or Anti-Valentine's) manis!

Feb 10, 2015

Giveaway! System Hinoki Haircare Set

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It's the first giveaway of 2015!

If you haven't read my posts on the System Hinoki set for fine, thin or thinning hair, you can check them out here. I really like the whole system and this very generous giveaway is for $80 worth of product! It is open within the US only and ends on Feb 24th, so get cracking and enter!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hayashi Worldwide, is offering a chance for one lucky winner to win System Hinoki, a boxed set of four haircare products formulated to improve the condition of both hair and scalp. Retail value: $80.

System Hinoki is a set of four haircare products, made in the USA, by Hayashi Worldwide, consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, leave in scalp conditioner, and leave in body booster. The products are meant to be used together regularly (during every hair/scalp cleansing) over the long-term to provide cleansing, healing, and nutrition to both hair and scalp.

Men and women, with any hair texture (curly, straight, thick, or fine), suffering from thinning hair, hair loss, slow-to-grow hair, or dandruff, will all benefit from using System Hinoki products on a regular basis.

The key ingredient in the System Hinoki products is Pure Hinoki Oil, or “Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil.” This is a unique ingredient, known for its natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities, is not found in many haircare products today, however it has been used for over 2,000 years in Japan and other parts of Asia to treat different types of skin ailments. The shampoo and conditioner also include Retinyl Palmitate, a form of Vitamin A and one of the primary antioxidants found naturally in skin; it is FDA approved and used to stimulate cell renewal and enhance skin elasticity. Unlike many other products marketed to hair growth, System Hinoki is drug free so safe to use for long-term results!

System Hinoki products’ unique formulations have been trusted by salon professionals since 1985 and have recently been re-launched for use at home. When the products are used together, the complete system promotes hair strength, volume, and scalp therapy, resulting in weight-free hair, improved hair texture, and a clean scalp that promotes healthy hair growth.*
Note that no product can bring dead hair follicles back to life, but many people with hair loss simply have hair follicles that are still alive and in the dormant stage.

The order in which you should use the System Hinoki products is 1. Shampoo, 2. Conditioner, 3. Hinoki Plus (leave-in scalp conditioner), 4. Hair Thickener (leave-in body booster). For best results, use all four products every time you cleanse and condition your hair. If your scalp begins to itch, only use the Hinoki Plus every third use of the other products. The shampoo and conditioner are used the same as any other wash out shampoo and conditioner. The Hinoki Plus should be applied to damp hair, directly on the scalp, by separating hair with fingers or a comb and spraying directly onto the scalp, then repeating until adequate coverage is achieved. Then, use your fingertips (never fingernails!) to massage the product further into the scalp. Finally, while hair is still damp, apply the Hair Thickener by squirting a generous amount into the palm of your hand, then rubbing your hands together and apply to hair from root to ends, working it in for full coverage of the lengths of your hair. Style as usual.

Note: Hayashi Worldwide makes other product lines that are meant to work in combination with the System Hinoki products for those who experience other hair concerns other than just hair thinning. They should be used as complete sets after every third application of System Hinoki. The Repair Zone system should be used by those with naturally very curly to kinky hair in need of added hydration. System 911 should be used by those who need added protein, due to styling damage, such as relaxers or heat from regular blow drying or flat ironing. System Design is a great option for styling fine/thin hair in need of additional body and shine.

For more information about System Hinoki, read my previous posts or visit www.hayashiww.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/systemhinoki
Twitter: www.twitter.com/systemhinoki

Feb 9, 2015

Neon Orange and Textured Teal Nails

I Bought This

Is it Summer yet??? I wanted to share these screaming hot neon orange and textured teal nails with you, even though it's totally not seasonally appropriate ;) I'm sooooo ready for the beach!

The polishes I used are China Glaze Seahorsin' Around and ORLY Tropical Pop. 2 coats of Seahorsin' Around with no top coat and 2 coats of Tropical Pop over a coat of white (to really make it "pop"!) plus top coat. I did the dots with a dotting tool and I'm loving the effect! The contrast between the texture and the smooth creme polish is to die for.

I hope you like this look, even if it's not quite beach weather in many places yet.

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