Mar 30, 2015

Jackpot Candles Pina Colada Candle Review

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I love love loooove jewelry candles! There's something about knowing there's another little surprise waiting for you inside that makes me twice as happy. I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful Pina Colada candle from Jackpot Candles to try out. Pina Colada is one of my favourite scents (and drinks!), because I love coconut and tropical fruit.

Jackpot Candles are 100% soy candles that have been hand poured, with a jewelry surprise worth $15 to $5000 in each one. You can pick between earrings, a ring or a necklace for your little "jackpot", which I really like. Not everyone wants a ring every time, so having the choice makes it that much more fun :) You can also pick your ring size (6, 7, 8 or 9) so you don't get stuck with a ring that doesn't fit.

The Pina Colada candle smells fruity and divine! It reminded me of being on a tropical island, drinking sweet pineapple and coconut cocktails :) It filled the big living room nicely with it's pretty scent after about 5 minutes. After the candle had burned down for a couple of hours, I started to see the little foil wrapped package. It's much easier to get out while the wax is still hot and liquid, but be careful! I ran the package under cold water to ensure it was cool and then opened it up to reveal my surprise...

Aren't my new earrings beautiful?? And they're my favourite colour, purple. They come with a little code that you can put into their website and get an instant appraisal. Mine are worth around $20, so while not $5000 earrings they're definitely a lovely bonus on top of the scented candle. I'm really happy with both my candle and my jewelry surprise, and enjoy the option to choose different types of jewelry.

Have you tried jewelry candles before? What's your favourite candle scent?

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