Jul 12, 2014

Sun Safe Summer Style: Cool and Chic Fashion Tips

Who else has been sweating a ridiculous amount lately?? It's been in the mid to high 90s (35-40C) in my area and I'm doing everything possible to stay out of the sun! Sometimes it's inevitable that you have be out and about though, so in that case we want to still be cool and not overheat. It's natural to want to wear as little as possible during the hot Summer months, but the more skin you expose to the sun, the greater chance you have of skin cancer and melanomas. So how can you stay cool and still protect your skin? Here's my favourite outfit for doing both and still looking super chic ;)

Summer Cool Chic Fashion

1.Beach Legging Legs2.

1. Leggings are a Summer staple for me, they are lightweight and comfortable, full-coverage to protect you from the sun and with all the amazing new prints and styles there's a pair for everyone.

2. I like to wear my leggings with a loose, flowing top which covers my shoulders and upper arms, as those are prime spots for sunburn. Keeping the fit loose ensures that you get airflow and can keep cool while being covered up.

3. Low rise sneakers made from a light material, like canvas or cotton, are great for covering your feet while still being breathable. A lot of people forget about their feet, but you can still get sunburn and skin cancer on your tootsies!

4. A nice big tote is essential for the beach or running errands, to carry a bottle of water for hydration and a tube of sunscreen for top ups! You must reapply sunscreen throughout the day to keep it at it's most effective.

5. A hat of course is an essential for protecting your face. I've always liked wearing fitted caps or snapbacks as they are comfy and easily wearable, and recently they've been very popular and fashionable ;)

6. The bigger the sunglasses, the better protection for your eyes! I love my huge sunglasses, just make sure they have UV protection.

7. My favourite sunscreen is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen with it's SPF50+. A good sunscreen is vital to keeping your skin pretty and youthful :) Look for one with SPF30+ or higher for the ultimate protection.

For now skin care tips, check out this skin care page by HSN! What are your best tips for staying chic and safe in the hot Summer months?

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