May 27, 2014

Vassen Butterfly Pink Circle Lens Review

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I love circle lenses, the way they enlarge my eyes and being able to change up my eye colour whenever I want to. Having Butterfly Pink eyes sounds so darn magical, so when I was contacted by Maple Lens to try a couple of their circle lenses I was immediately drawn to the Vassen Butterfly Pink lens. I have another pair of pink circle lens and I absolutely ADORE them, so I decided to try these out.

Maple Lens is a circle lens store based in Malaysia and provides genuine Korean circle lenses. Shipping was pretty fast, within 5 days, and they came very nicely and securely packaged, with a pink box for storage while unopened and animal lens cases for once you open them. I was very impressed with everything they included and the way the glass bottles the lenses were safe and secure.

From the Maple Lens website:

Vassen Butterfly Pink

Price: $21.95
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

The Butterfly Pink lenses have a thick black limbal ring and pink to gold pattern that looks almost like a butterfly wing. The colour does not blend into my natural eye colour like some of my other lenses, but contrasts rather strikingly.

I did a quick little video just to show you how the lenses come and how to open them, what the actual lens looks like and how they look on.

Pink Contact Lens Close Up
Vassen Butterfly Pink Circle Lens

Butterfly Pink Contact Lenses Natural Light
Vassen Butterfly Pink Circle Lens Indoor Natural Light

Pink Contact Lenses Daylight
Vassen Butterfly Pink Circle Lens Direct Sunlight

The lenses were quite comfortable, although I did apply eyedrops when I first put them in just in case. They are very vibrant and have a distinct pattern in natural indoor light and daylight as well as artificial light, so they are definitely more for people who like bright and colourful lenses that are noticeable as opposed to a more natural look. The lenses have a decent enlarging effect as well and give me that pretty dolly eye appearance. I wore them for 5+ hours and they felt pretty comfortable, but I think if I wore them any longer I'd have to reapply eyedrops so they won't dry out my eyes.

I think I'd prefer wearing these for special occasions, photoshoots or cosplay rather than on a day to day basis as they have such a distinct look. I would order from Maple Lens again, as they had good customer service, fast shipping and very good, secure packaging. They have a nice variety of circle lenses on the website and a good size clearance section with discounted older style lenses.


  1. Hey Ishah, I just have to say your eyes and hair look BEAUTIFUL!!!


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