May 14, 2014

Beauty Box 5 May Subscription Box Review

Press Sample

This month's box was full of skincare goodies which normally I'm not a huge fan of, but my skin is sorely in need of some pampering at the moment! It's hot, dry and windy in SoCal, a veritable disaster for my skin.

There were two full size products, the eyeliner and the sheet mask, which means the value of the box even without the other samples is $26. I like and use retractable eyeliner often, so this CATTIVA liner is a win for me. I like sheet masks as they're easy to use and they're cooling and very hydrating. I'm looking forward to trying this new brand MaskerAide and will most likely use it while I'm having a nice long bath. The Ban cooling body cloths and H2O Plus cleansing gel will definitely come in handy in the insane heat we'll be getting from now, well into the summer. Now, I am very picky when it comes to perfume, it has to be just the right kind of scent otherwise I find it cloying and overpowering. This Harvey Prince one called Hello is light, fruity, floral and GORGEOUS. I absolutely love it and would definitely purchase a full sized bottle, in fact I'm trying to think of what holiday or anniversary is coming up so I can ask my husband for it as a gift! It has just the right notes and level of scent for me.

Overall I'm happy with this box and I'm excited to try all the products :)

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