Apr 28, 2014

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Eggplant Frost Nail Polish

I Bought This

A girl can never have too much nail polish (well, this girl in particular) and Wet n Wild have some very beautiful shades. One such beauty is the absolutely stunning Eggplant Frost from the Wild Shine collection that I picked up at CVS for a mere .99c. Wet n Wild's formula can be a bit hit and miss and this one was a little gloopy, but a couple of drops of nail polish thinner fixed it right up.

This is 3 thinnish coats of Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost with 1 coat of Duri Miracote top coat.

eggplant frost nail polish

purple wet n wild nail polish

swatches and review eggplant frost nail polish

This polish is so subtly gorgeous and completely different to any of the other purples I have in my stash. It flashes from a red-toned purple to a deep sapphire blue, with tiny silver flecks. It goes on a little patchily at first and looks more purple when it's sheerer, but builds up to a deeper, more prominent blue. The purple to deep blue/silver shift is much more noticeable in direct sunlight or bright lighting. I am thinking this polish will be beautiful for layering with glitter or as a base for galaxy nails.

I'm definitely a fan and this polish has found a nice new home in my collection.

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