Feb 13, 2014

My Bloody Valentine Drip Heart Nail Art

I Bought This

Something for the people that aren't into the cutesy side of Valentine's Day, here's my version of bloody dripping hearts for your viewing pleasure. It's the drip manicure, now with hearts!

I did 3 coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme (because it was streaky :( what's a good white polish??) and used Kiss Nail Artist Paint in Red to do the hearts and drippy bits and then did 2 coats of a red Color Club polish for the other nails. Simple and easy, but effective! It really gets that point across of having stabbed a heart against a wall. If that's what you're into.


  1. The parnevu hair mayonnaise is my favorite extra intense deep conditioner! Their leave in conditioner is a little too thin for my hair, but my boyfriend seems to like it!

  2. erikatheicyone2/13/2014 10:31 AM

    Spooooky and romantic. :D

  3. So cute!! I love that red!

  4. MyNewestAddiction2/13/2014 7:36 PM

    LOL! Love the mani!


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