Dec 31, 2014

Black, White and Silver Bling Nails for New Years

I haven't been in much of a holiday mood when it comes to my nails, but New Year's is a theme I can definitely get down with. Blingy and dramatic are what I think of when NYE rolls around and this black, white and silver combo will add that extra pop to a dressy outfit. I had seen a manicure in one of my facebook nail polish groups which had these pretty white 3D bows and I decided I had to incorporate them somehow into my NYE nails. Working around the bows, I arrived at this extra sparkly look.

I used a few different polishes to achieve this, the black is China Glaze Liquid Leather, the white is China Glaze White on White, the silver holo is Orly Mirrorball (my favourite silver polish to date!) and the glitter is OPI I Snow You Love Me, which I fished out and placed on the nail. CG Liquid Leather and ORLY Mirrorball have to be two of the best polishes I've used lately.The are both gorgeous and go on beautifully. The bows I got in a Secret Santa swap. but you can easily find them on ebay. They are so cute, I want AAALLL the colours. I usually use super glue to put them on, as nail glue doesn't quite cut it for staying power, whereas super glue usually stays on well until I remove them with acetone.

I'm in love with my nails right now! They are the perfect mix of elegant B&W and sparkle. The Mirrorball + I Snow You Love Me glitters are so ridiculously blingy that I catch myself just staring at them all the time. This is a simple design, but I think it works really well. Other than the black and white theme, the little rhinestone in the bow complements the silver sparkly nails perfectly.

I don't have any big plans for NYE, we'll probably just watch the countdown on tv and have some drinks, but I can still get festive with my nails! What are your plans/nails looking like for NYE?

Dec 24, 2014

Beauty Box 5 December Subscription Box Review

Just wanted to do a quick post on the December Beauty Box 5! It's a fun one, with pretty polish and some yummy scented stuff.

He are my thoughts on a few of the products in this month's box:

I love the Lucky Number 6 perfume, it's a really nice floral scent which isn't too heavy. I've been thinking about getting a new perfume so this came at a perfect time. I can use it for a while and see if I like it enough to buy a full size one :) The Nanacoco nail polish is going to be my new years manicure, it's a colourful, festive glitterbomb. Having a little tub of nail polish remover wipes is perfect for when you're out and a nail chips, no more putting up with ugly chipped nails until you can make it home! It's in peach scent and is acetone free which means it's gentler on your skin. Lastly, the facial mist in "Rose Bouquet" smells sooooo pretty. I adore rose water and it is definitely nice to have some extra hydration in the dry winter months.

This month's box is a winner for me, I absolutely love all the gorgeous scents and of course the nail stuff.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas if you celebrate and happy holidays to everyone else!

Oct 20, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Rising Star

I Bought This

As I was perusing the aisles of Walgreens, looking for the ever elusive Sinful Shine Prosecco nail polish (if you haven't heard of it, it's a limited edition greige beauty with a gorgeous golden shimmer), I happened across this stunning limited edition Wet n Wild Mega Rocks polish: Rising Star. It was in a special section with other limited edition Wet n Wild Fall polishes and makeup. I can honestly say I own nothing like it, so I picked it up and took it home to put on right away.

Mega Rocks Glitter

Gilded Rose Dupe

Can I just stop a minute to gush about how much I LOVE this beauty??

This polish is supposedly a dupe for Maybelline Gilded Rose and although I don't own Gilded Rose, from online swatches I think they are very close. Rising Star may be a little less yellow gold and more of a silvery pink rose gold, but otherwise I believe they are almost identical.

I am so in love with this polish, I used it twice in a row which is almost unheard of for me. AND I even put it on my toes and gave my BOFA a mani with it. It went on beautifully in 2 careful coats. I say careful because if you drag the brush too much, you might end up picking up some of the glitter underneath and leaving bald spots. Using a light hand on the brush, I got perfect coverage quite easily. The wear was pretty good, I wore it for 4 days with no chipping, but just be careful not to do super thick coats.

If pretty rose gold glitter is your thing, then RUN don't walk to your nearest Walgreens and pick up this beauty before she's gone.

Oct 19, 2014

Beauty Box 5 October Subscription Box Review

Press Sample

If you haven't seen any of my previous posts about the Beauty Box 5 subscription boxes, you can have a look here :)

October's box is an exciting one, with full size products galore! Check them out...

The one I was most excited about is the Nanacoco nail polish. I love trying new brands of polish and this seems like a pretty shade for the coming cooler months. I did a quick swatch over my current manicure and it seemed quite smooth and opaque in one coat. I'll be doing a NOTD and probably some nail art with it, so keep an eye out! I was also really intrigued by the Extend Your Beauty cosmetic tool, as I'm always sad when I'm at the end of a tube/bottle of product and I just cant get that little bit down the bottom out. I'm interested to see how this works for me. All the products are ones that I'm looking forward to using, the Bellapierre cheek and lip stain is a pretty shade and you KNOW I'll be using the heck out of that chapstick in this dry weather we've been having here in SoCal. I have been trying to use eye primer a bit more, since it's better to have a nice smooth canvas for eye makeup, so the Lashem Picture Perfect will come in handy.

I think this box was great value for the amount of product you get and had some really fun and useful items. Beauty Box 5 continues to satisfy my expectations for a subscription box, so I've been very happy with it.

Sep 16, 2014

System Hinoki for Thinning Hair Review: 3 Months Update

Press Sample

The long awaited 3 month update to my System Hinoki experience is finally here! How did the products stand up in the battle against thinning hair? Read on and find out...

For product ingredients, first impressions and all about System Hinoki, please read my first update post!

As I stated in my first review, this system can be a little drying as heavy conditioners and serums can weigh your strands down, leaving thin hair looking stringy and lack-luster. To counter-act the dryness, I just used a conditioning mask on my mid lengths and ends. One thing to note: DON'T use too much of the Hair Thickener treatment on your roots like I did, it can make your hair a bit oily.

Hair day 1

Hair after 1 month

Hair after 3 months

I definitely think you can see less scalp when I part my hair, and I've been feeling a lot less sensitive in the scalp area as well. I have some new hair growth and my hair generally has more volume. I don't think this is a miracle product that will allow you to sprout hair instantly, but I do think it's worth trying if you have thinning hair. It adds volume and I believe has aided in some new hair growth, so I'm pretty happy with it. Again, make sure you look at the ingredients before you decide to try this or any hair care system, as there may be something that would irritate a sensitive scalp or those who are prone to allergic reactions. My scalp is a little on the sensitive side and was perfectly fine, but it never hurts to double check :)

I will be continuing to use these products in my hair care routine, as I'm satisfied with the results.

Sep 9, 2014

OPI Bubble Bath + Gold Shimmer + Glitter Gradient Nails

I Bought This

Just wanted to share my recent mani with you all. I bought OPI Bubble Bath from a girl who was selling a bunch of polish and wanted to try it out, so I put on 2 coats and LOVED the result. The shiny, sheer beautiful nude shade is to die for! But of course I couldn't leave it like that, so I did a coat of Sinful Colors 24 Karat which is a lux gold shimmer, and then applied loose iridescent glitter in a sort of gradient.

I'm so in love with the result and I can definitely see this being a beautiful look for any time of the year. Nude and glitter are so perfect for each other and a combo that I find myself using time and time again.

What's your go to mani that suits all the seasons?

Aug 21, 2014

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Review

Press Sample

I was super excited about the Memebox, since it's a Korean beauty box! :D the name is pronounced "Me-Me" box not "meem" box. The term 'Meme' came from the name of a popular Korean doll “Mi Mi”, which is the beauty idol of many little girls in Korea. "Me" is emphasised, because they wanted to put the focus on beauty being about the individual.

The box is filled with the latest Korean beauty products, shipped straight from Korea. I love that it only has Korean products, as there are so many beauty boxes out there that have western beauty products or watered down versions of asian products. I'm a huge fan of asian beauty products, and some of the very best come out of Korea.

And... oooooh it's allllll pink!!

Asian Skincare Makeup Box

There are a few different types of boxes, I have listed a few of them below:

The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full-sized products and deluxe samples.

Each Superbox series comes with it’s own theme, and contains only full-sized items.

Each month, we team up with style icons to curate special limited-run Superboxes featuring each collaborator's favorite items - keep an eye on these, they sell out fast!

The one I received was the MEMEBOX Scentbox #1 Rose.

MemeBox Scentbox #1 Rose Contents

I was soooo happy to receive the Rose Scentbox!! Rose is one of my absolute favourite fragrances and all of the products have a beautiful, yet subtle scent. No pounding overwhelming scent headaches over here, girl ;) The packaging is super cute, with all of the items ending up happily displayed on my vanity. I got 3 full sized products and one sample in this box.

I tested out the Lip Tint and it gives a gorgeous flush of natural looking colour, and is hydrating and smooth on the lips. The products all look, feel and smell very high quality, exactly what I would expect from Korean beauty products.

What I really like about the Memebox is that it's not a subscription. You sign up to receive an email every month when new boxes are available for purchase and you can purchase as many or as little, or no boxes at all. It's all up to YOU (or ME :p). You can also purchase many of the products from the boxes on the website and they ship to many different countries around the world. Because the products are coming directly from Korea, here in the US it can take around 15-25 business days to get here (although mine came fairly quick), but I'm used to those kind of wait times for international shipping. I was interested to see that they have something called "US Exclusives" which includes favourite products of US customers that ship straight from the US warehouse to your door in a matter of days.

Considering the quality and value of the fullsize products I received, I definitely think the $19 - $29 (depending on which box you get) price tag is well worth it. I'm just over the moon that finally there's a Korean beauty box available!

Jul 27, 2014

ScoreBig Concert, Event and Family Attraction Tickets - For Cheap!

Press Sample

Summer is here and we've been wanting to do more things around SoCal, but  things can get kinda expensive with 3 kids. They want to go to theme parks, water parks, sports games and attractions, all of which can hit the wallet quite heavily. I was contacted by ScoreBig to try out their service, which allows you to name your own price for discounted tickets.

From the ScoreBig website:

About ScoreBig enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert and theater events – at guaranteed savings of up to 60 percent. customers pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always pay less than box office price, and never pay any fees. For its partners, is the first and only opaque sales channel to move unsold ticket inventory in a way that protects the ticket owner’s brand and full-price sales. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., was founded in 2009 and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners. was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies and by Billboard as one of the 10 Best Start-ups of 2012.

I was excited to try ScoreBig, because I'm a big fan of discount deal websites and this one sounds fun. You basically name the price you want to pay for the tickets and they either accept your offer or give you a counter-offer that still saves you money. Every ticket is guaranteed to save you money, there are no fees and you get to choose your seating area (for concerts/games etc) and all your seats will be together. There's no waiting, you find out instantly if your offer was accepted or if they counter-offer. I enjoyed using the service, as they have quite a few good deals, but some are better than others. The theme parks/attractions in SoCal I saw you only save around 10% on, but the sporting events and other shows you're more likely to save up to 60%. They also have a 'Last Minute' section, where you can find last minute deals that might be a better discount.

I ended up buying tickets for the San Diego Safari Park and saved about 10%. I'm happy with that, since it's somewhere we wanted to go and it doesn't usually have any discounts, but I'll also be keeping an eye out for other discounted tickets in the coming months. I know the boys will love going to a baseball or soccer game this Summer :)

Check out ScoreBig in Social Media:

Jul 12, 2014

Sun Safe Summer Style: Cool and Chic Fashion Tips

Who else has been sweating a ridiculous amount lately?? It's been in the mid to high 90s (35-40C) in my area and I'm doing everything possible to stay out of the sun! Sometimes it's inevitable that you have be out and about though, so in that case we want to still be cool and not overheat. It's natural to want to wear as little as possible during the hot Summer months, but the more skin you expose to the sun, the greater chance you have of skin cancer and melanomas. So how can you stay cool and still protect your skin? Here's my favourite outfit for doing both and still looking super chic ;)

Summer Cool Chic Fashion

1.Beach Legging Legs2.

1. Leggings are a Summer staple for me, they are lightweight and comfortable, full-coverage to protect you from the sun and with all the amazing new prints and styles there's a pair for everyone.

2. I like to wear my leggings with a loose, flowing top which covers my shoulders and upper arms, as those are prime spots for sunburn. Keeping the fit loose ensures that you get airflow and can keep cool while being covered up.

3. Low rise sneakers made from a light material, like canvas or cotton, are great for covering your feet while still being breathable. A lot of people forget about their feet, but you can still get sunburn and skin cancer on your tootsies!

4. A nice big tote is essential for the beach or running errands, to carry a bottle of water for hydration and a tube of sunscreen for top ups! You must reapply sunscreen throughout the day to keep it at it's most effective.

5. A hat of course is an essential for protecting your face. I've always liked wearing fitted caps or snapbacks as they are comfy and easily wearable, and recently they've been very popular and fashionable ;)

6. The bigger the sunglasses, the better protection for your eyes! I love my huge sunglasses, just make sure they have UV protection.

7. My favourite sunscreen is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen with it's SPF50+. A good sunscreen is vital to keeping your skin pretty and youthful :) Look for one with SPF30+ or higher for the ultimate protection.

For now skin care tips, check out this skin care page by HSN! What are your best tips for staying chic and safe in the hot Summer months?

Jul 10, 2014

System Hinoki for Thinning Hair Review: 1 Month Update

Press Sample

Something that I know many women out there experience, but don't like talking about, is thinning hair. It's not just an old man's problem, it can happen to us too and a lot earlier than you think! Due to hormones going crazy during pregnancy, breastfeeding and pre-menopause among other things, even women in their 20s and 30s can experience hair loss. For me, I began to have thinning hair after having my second child and it has persisted through having the third and breastfeeding. I am still nursing, so I do think that is a contributing factor to how long it's lasted, but I'm ready to try and kick this hair loss outta here. I was very excited to try System Hinoki from Hayashi (I admit, mainly because hinoki oil is Japanese (>w<)) and I want to share my experience over the past month with you.

System Hinoki contains 4 products:

Hinoki Shampoo: 10.1oz | Volumizing cleanser for fine and thinning hair.
Hinoki Conditioner: 10.1oz | A "weight-free" texturizing rinse for thinning hair.
Hinoki Thickener: 10.1oz | A highly concentrated leave-in formula of "weight-free" ingredients that infuse the hair fiber with increased diameter.
Hinoki Plus: 10.1oz | Leave-in scalp conditioner with pure Hinoki oil.

From the website:


The order in which you should use the System Hinoki products is 1. Shampoo, 2. Conditioner, 3. Hinoki Plus (leave-in scalp conditioner), 4. Hair Thickener (leave-in body booster). For best results, use all four products every time you cleanse and condition your hair. If your scalp begins to itch, only use the Hinoki Plus every third use of the other products. The shampoo and conditioner are used the same as any other wash out shampoo and conditioner. The Hinoki Plus should be applied to damp hair, directly on the scalp, by separating hair with fingers or a comb and spraying directly onto the scalp, then repeating until adequate coverage is achieved. Then, use your fingertips (never fingernails!) to massage the product further into the scalp. Finally, while hair is still damp, apply the Hair Thickener by squirting a generous amount into the palm of your hand, then rubbing your hands together and apply to hair from root to ends, working it in for full coverage of the lengths of your hair. Style as usual.

My first impressions were pretty good. The products have a sweet, floral scent that's reminiscent of baby powder and not too overpowering. The shampoo lathered up well and cleansed my hair and scalp nicely, without drying it out. The conditioner wasn't super creamy, so I had to use a little more to get the desired creaminess, and didn't leave my hair feeling as hydrated as I would like, but it did have more volume and thickness than usual. One of the things you get less of with volumising products is usually hydration as the more moisture in your hair, the more it gets weighed down, so it's not uncommon for them to be a little drying. The PR contact from Hayashi told me not to use the Hinoki Plus every day if I found it too drying or my scalp began to itch, as it contains alcohol in order to allow the ingredients to penetrate into the scalp. If you have very dry hair or a sensitive scalp, this is something you should be aware of. These are the ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner:

Hinoki Oil Shampoo Ingredients
Hinoki Shampoo Ingredients

Hinoki Oil Conditioner Ingredients
Hinoki Conditioner Ingredients

Hair day 1

Hair after 1 month

It's a little hard to tell in pictures, but I do feel that my hair is slightly thicker and I have more baby hair starting grow in. For one month, it's not a huge difference, but I only wash my hair once every 2 or 3 days, not every day. They recommend that you use the system for 3 months to really see the effects. I am worried that it might be a little drying to my bleached ends, so I try to just keep the shampoo and conditioner on my scalp and mid-lengths. As it's meant for reducing hair loss and volumising, which usually happens at the scalp anyway, I'm ok with using it like that.

I will be posting again to update you on how it's going in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out! Please let me know if you have any questions or anything you'd like me to address in my next post :)

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