Dec 28, 2013

Fall/Winter Fashion Haul: DaCar Popup Shop

I Bought This

This is so extremely late and I know Fall is pretty much over (it is, right?) but Winter in SoCal is so mild that you can wear Fall fashion through til February anyway. My friend Daralyn is a stylist and operates under the name DaCar Style. She had a popup shop with cool Fall and Winter fashion and invited me and our friend Dee to be the first to check it out and shop the items!

Daralyn had an array of beautiful things, from jackets to hats, purses, clutches, jewelry and more. 

DaCar's brand slogan is 'Make a Statement' and there were certainly a lot of beautiful 'statement' pieces that would help to make your outfit. There were a bunch of different things that I wanted to buy, but I managed to cut it down to what I really couldn't pass up on.

These are the must-have items that I think are not only perfect for fall/winter, but can be integrated into a spring or summer wardrobe as well.

Studded faux leather clutch
Turquoise faux leather vest
Mustard yellow purse, a very on trend colour
Cute two finger LOVE ring
All my new purchases!

Dee ended up buying two purses as well, she was really happy with her new stuff. Pop up shops are a great way to discover new fashion and on trend pieces that can ramp up your wardrobe a bit. I haven't had much of a chance to wear my new pieces though, I really have to go through my wardrobe, get rid of some stuff and organise it so I know what I have to wear and what I need to buy. I'd like to have a closet organiser app or something, which I can use to make outfits with. Does anyone use one that they recommend? Let me know what you do to keep track of all your clothes and accessories!

Dec 20, 2013

Beauty Box 5 December Subscription Box Review

Press Sample

After last month's Beauty Box 5, I was really excited to see what would be in this month's box! The December 'Naughty and Nice' box is a mix of skincare and makeup, and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed...

The three full size products make this box worthwhile, although I'm not a huge fan of the other samples, two travel sized lotions. Lotion samples in a subscription box never wow me, although they are handy to have around and pop in your purse.

The product I was MOST excited about was the NYX palette! I love NYX, they are one of my favourite makeup brands. I have been wanting to get some of their new eyeshadows and these ones look like really pretty shades. I've never heard of Ofra Cosmetics before, but I'm a sucker for lip products and especially lip plumpers! The Every Beauty foot smoother is going to come in handy, since Winter has been drying out my skin. I was actually thinking about getting a foot peeling mask, but I'll see how this foot smoother works before I do anything more drastic. I'm really liking the Beauty Box 5 subscription boxes so far.

Look out for individual reviews on the full sized products coming soon :)

Dec 6, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Lipstick Penthouse Sweet & Old School Glam on Warm/Yellow Toned Skin

I Bought This

I'm quite liking a few of the Fergie x Wet n Wild products and these lipsticks are no exception. They aren't the best matte lipsticks out there, but they're pretty great for the price!

Price: Around $3.49
   .1 OZ
L-R: Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam

L-R: Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam
L-R: Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam

Penthouse Sweet

Drugstore Matte Red Lipstick
Old School Glam

The texture is a creamy matte which can be a bit drying, but they go on pretty smoothly with slight tugging and are opaque. You should always prep your lips by exfoliating and putting on lip balm before wearing lipstick anyway! Both shades seemed like cool tones, so I wasn't sure how they'd look on my warm toned skin, but surprisingly they look quite nice. I really enjoy matte finishes for winter and these two don't settle into lines too much. I would probably advise taking a lip balm along though, as they do get more drying the longer you wear them, but I do also have dry lips. The quality is kind of in the middle, not the most amazing matte texture, but not the worst either.

I think I'll be picking up a few more of the shades, since they're so pretty and you can't beat the price!

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