Nov 26, 2013

Purple Labyrinth Galaxy OOTD

I Bought This

Once again through Rie I discovered something really awesome, I swear that girl is a goldmine of cool stuff. She had posted a few t-shirts from TeeFury on Facebook and I started stalking the site every day, waiting for tees that corresponded with my fandoms. They have had a lot of good ones, but I wasn't sold on any of the artwork until this absolute beauty popped up. A purple, ink style art Labyrinth tee?? Be still my heart! I threw together a few things to create an outfit around it and ended up loving the result.

Outfit posts are pretty rare for me, so please excuse my awkward 90s beauty queen posing.....

I swear I was not trying to pose with my hand on my hip (when you dip, I dip, we dip) but the person who was taking the photo - my 'friend' - was all like "Come on, pose a little, put your hand on your hip!"... I think she secretly hates me.

As you can see, this outfit comprises of a few of my favourite things right now, my Labyrinth tee (of course), purple Galaxy leggings from Forever 21 and my sneaker wedges from Target. I'm on a big purple kick at the moment which you can probably tell from a few of my past posts. My hair is turning pink though, time for another dye job!

Ok well, time to go stalk TeeFury a little more..... I also got some really cool Supernatural tees for my husband!

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