Nov 1, 2013

Photo Diary: Halloween Fun and more.

The week leading up to Halloween has been busy and fun! So much so in fact, that I am utterly exhausted and looking forward to relaxing this weekend!! Here is my Photo Diary of the past week :)

1. My super cute phone, I bought a white Galaxy S4 and wasted no time in making it pretty!

2. Cat makeup for Halloween! This was for the little Fall Festival my neighbourhood puts on.

 3. At the Fall Festival!

4. Went to Curry House in Irvine for Japanese curry! It was the first time Desiree and her family have been and they loved it. I like to share my obsesso love of Japanese food with everyone (*_*)

5. The obligatory peace signs!! Desiree had a Cat Woman mask painted on from Halloween festivities they went to earlier. That's the great thing about Halloween week, you can dress up every day and nobody pays you any mind!

6. Bought another phone case, a Hello Kitty glasses case! It's so cute, I love having a white phone because all the cute cases look better on white phones.

7. Mini Jack O'Lantern's for my son's Halloween party at school! These are so cute and easy.

I am now all Halloween'd out and am ready for Thanksgiving to come! Also I am on the hunt for pretty Christmas lights, because I plan to have them up nice and early. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween (if you celebrate it) and have a great weekend!

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