Nov 5, 2013

Peacock Nail Art for Short Nails

You know that urge you get to start off fresh with something, like getting a super short haircut? Well I get that feeling with my nails ALL the time and I'll go through stages of having long nails for a while and then just decide to chop them all down to nubs one day. I got this urge yesterday and as a result, my nails are the shortest they've been for a long time.

Thanks to Leticia, I've been inspired to do nail art on my little nubs, and I wanted to use this beautiful shade from Gap called Peacock Blue. So what else than Peacock nails!

I started off with two coats of GAP Peacock Blue and two coats of OPI Funky Dunkey on my ring finger and thumb. Then I sponged on Color Club Port-Folio over all nails but my accent nails, to give them the iridescent look of peacock feathers. On my accent nails I freehand drew a peacock feather-like design using Sinful Colors Open Seas, Wet n Wild The Gold & the Beautiful, GAP Peacock Blue, Essie Good as Gold and Revlon Royal.

I really like this look, but next time I think I might make the lines for the feather a bit darker, there seems to be too much contrast between the light strokes and the darker 'eye' of the feather. I am LOVING these shades together, they have a luxe feel that's perfect for the holiday season.

Now I need to wait for my nails to get a bit longer so I can get them back to an oval shape!!

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