Nov 20, 2013

nuNAAT Garlic Magic Hair Collection Review

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My hair is a strange beast. It's fine and wavy, slow growing and thin in places since I had my last child, oily at the roots and dry at the mid-lengths and ends. I also have a sensitive scalp. I have a hard time finding hair products that are moisturising, gentle on my scalp, but still light enough that they don't weigh my hair down. I previously tried nuNAAT's Keratin system, but as smooth as it made my hair feel, it also weighed it down and made it feel stringy. I would recommend it more for thick hair and I use it on my two boys who have very thick, curly hair. I was still searching for a system that would help my wayward locks, when I received the nuNAAT Garlic collection.

From the nuNAAT website:

The collection includes:

Garlic Extra Force Shampoo (16.9 oz)
The shampoo has a nice lather, without too many bubbles. I prefer this, as any shampoo that lathers up into a lot of bubbles usually strips more of your natural oils and is harsher on your hair and scalp. This shampoo cleaned nicely without leaving my hair feeling too dry and stripped. I actually washed once and didn't have time to condition, so I just shampooed and then put the leave in styling cream in and it was fine.

Garlic Extra Force Conditioner (16.9 oz)
This conditioner is pretty creamy, without feeling heavy. It's best for fine hair that doesn't need a lot of detangling, as it isn't as thick and creamy as a heavier detangling conditioner. THis works fine on my hair, but not as well on my boys' very thick, very curly hair. It left my hair feeling smooth and soft, without weighing it down at all.

Garlic Extra Force Styling Cream (10.5 oz)
The bottle says 'Leave In', and it's more of a leave in conditioner than a styling product. It tames frizz and makes it easier to comb through damp hair. I like the lightweight feel and it never leaves my hair feeling greasy or sticky.

Garlic Magic Hair Mask (17.6 oz)
I love this hair mask, again it's better for fine hair and doesn't leave hair weighed down. I use it when I'm dying my hair to dilute the hair colour, and it makes my hair super soft and smooth and locks in the dye.

From the first use, I liked the way this collection made my scalp and hair feel. It definitely is a more lightweight collection, more suitable for my fine hair and oily scalp. All the products have a light, floral scent and don't smell like garlic at all. I am so happy to have found a system that works for my combination of hair problems, and my scalp feels healthier and less oily.

In the Before/After picture, you can see my roots are less oily and clumped together and my hair is smoother and less frizzy.

I will definitely be keeping this as my go-to hair routine, although I test other products as well. If you have fine or oily hair, weak and slow-growing strands, I definitely recommend this collection. If your hair is thicker and dry, try out nuNAAT's Keratin line.


  1. Wow! A must have for me then!


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