Nov 11, 2013

Bedi Phone Covers - Edgy, High Fashion For Your Phone.

Press Sample

I am a girl who loves her phone and I love to dress my phone up as well! I am constantly looking for cool new phone cases and accessories and have recently been really into studs and leather. They have been in style since last Fall/Winter, and are still going strong this time around.

Bedi Phone Covers are high fashion cases that combine form and function. I was contacted by Daniel from Bedi Phone Covers to try out one of their gorgeous cases.

From the Bedi Phone Covers facebook page:
About: Bedi phone cases transform your phone in the way it looks and feels, making it become something closer to whom you really are.
Description: We believe in poetics, dialectics, art, taste, fashion, style, idealism and everyone's desire to, once in a while, stand out of the crowd. In other words, we promote the being different spirit, while becoming poets, artists, fashionistas, or idealized people.
The way we promote this is through a single thing that everyone uses and loves so much that they can't live without it. Phones.
We don't make your phone, but we style it and make it look just as cool and awesome as you are. We let it become something close to whom you really are. Our very edgy cases aim to not just transform your phone, but make you feel and look better with the one electronic you love.

The case I was sent is a silver and quilted leather combo, with 4 wicked cool fangs that really give the case a unique look. They also act as a stand to keep the phone upright when you're watching a movie! They feel super sturdy and are actually screwed into the phone case, not just glued on. Although I was worried they'd get in the way when I was holding the phone, my hand fits nicely in between the fangs and they actually rest on my upper finger, keeping my phone from slipping easily. Because of the way the fangs are curved, they don't catch on things as much as I thought they would either. Simply put: This. Case. Rocks.

The ONLY down side is that it doesn't protect the whole silver bezel of the phone, being open at the top and bottom, so I'd be worried about scratching it since I am a serial phone dropper. I dropped my phone twice yesterday........ onto concrete at that =_=;; I think because of that, I'd use this case for special occasions, when I want to give my phone an edgy level up fashion-wise. If it maybe had silicone at the top and bottom, protecting the exposed bezel, I'd definitely use this case as a daily driver.

This is the only design Bedi Phone Covers has for the Galaxy S4 so far, but they have a variety of stunning cases for iPhone 4/4s/5/5s. Check out their Fang Collection video on Youtube!

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