Oct 22, 2013

My Diamond Candles Cupcake Candle and Ring Reveal!

Press Sample

Every year around this time I start seeing people go absolutely bat sh__ crazy for candles. All Pumpkin Everything candles, Holiday candles, Apple Cider Caramel Whipped Cream with a Cherry on Top candles, you name it, someone on my Facebook feed/Twitter TL has posted about it. I was contacted to review one of the candles from Diamond Candles and my first thought was "Yay! Now I can join in on the candle craziness!", but absolutely no Pumpkin Spice whatever candles please... They all seem to contain some kind of cinnamony scent, which I just can't handle. Sorry cinnamon lovers (including my husband) please keep your cinnamonness away from my nose.

So of course, I chose the Cupcake candle... I love cupcakes (who doesn't??) and it looks so sweet and cute I couldn't resist!

Ring inside a Candle

Diamond Candles makes all natural soy candles which contain a ring worth either $10, $100, $1000 or $5000.

From the Diamond Candles website:

Cupcake Candle $24.95

What is the perfect dessert that basically has no calories because compared to a whole cake is almost nothing? What's really more like a cake vitamin? Cupcakes are one of our favorites treats for all occasions. Let's enjoy the smell even when we aren't taking our vitamins.
Haven't you heard? Every Diamond Candle hides a special ring, valued between $10 and $5,000!

How much is it worth?

If you discover a 14k symbol inside the band, take it to a jeweler for a verbal appraisal.


While random, each ring comes in the most popular sizes.

How long do I have to wait?

Patience is a virtue, but we don't blame you for wondering. It takes about 10-15 hours to uncover most rings. The impatient ones among us use a spoon to speed things along.

Don't they get hot in there?

Each ring is carefully placed in a tiny plastic bag, then wrapped in gold foil for safekeeping.

Jewelry Candle

Baked Goods Candle

Ok, first of all.. the scent. It smells GORGEOUS! My son said it smells like marshmallows and it definitely has a vanilla sweetness about it. I thought it smelled like cake baking in the oven and my husband asked if there was something cooking (so sorry to disappoint, but no). The candle is also huge, I  had it burning all day for 2 days and it hardly went down at all. Shipping time was pretty quick and the candle was packaged really well, no fears of it breaking in transit.

I couldn't wait for the candle to burn down, so I dug the ring out while the candle wax was hot. It got a little waxy, but I cleaned it off and here it is!

Ring in Diamond Candle

Unfortunately it's not an expensive ring, but for $24.95 and with such a big candle, the ring is an extra bonus anyway! It's a pretty piece of costume jewelry that I am happy with. I will definitely be ordering one of their other delicious sounding scents soon, maybe the Hawaiian Coconut candle, or the Caramel Apple Cider candle.... and I can't wait to see what other kind of rings I get!

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  1. erikatheicyone10/23/2013 8:13 AM

    I am batshit crazy for candles all year around. Delicious, foody scents in the cooler months, fresh, flowery and cotton scents in the warmer months, I almost always have candles going. :D

    These sound like really good quality candles. I love a candle that has a good, rich scent throw even when it is not lit. I may have to treat myself to one. If I get a sparkly from it, bonus but not necessary. :D

  2. Lol! I think I'm turning into a crazy candle lady too, I'm obsessed now. They really are nice quality and a good size.

  3. Sounds like a perfect scent for me! I'm the same way with cinnamon, instant headache! I wish there were more cozy fall scents minus cinnamon! :)

  4. I thought $25 for a candle? But I might bite for the chance at a ring lol

  5. I love the concept of the candle but I so wish I didn't have small hands, I'm sure the rings wouldn't fit me (curse my size 4 fingers!). The prospect of waiting and finding the ring sounds so exciting though!

  6. Mine are small too and it fits my middle finger, but not snugly. I was worried about sizing too but I guess if it was too big I'd just give it to someone!

  7. I thought so too, but it is a really big candle and I'm loving the added jewelry bonus!


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