Oct 15, 2013

How to Get a Natural Airbrushed Glow: My All-Time Favourite HG Highlighter (and its blush BFF)!

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As much as I love trying new makeup, there are some products that I keep going back to and this one is a daily driver. For your viewing (reading?) pleasure today, I have my absolute Holy Grail highlighter/blush product which gives the perfect natural airbrushed glow, the Smashbox Blush/Soft Lights Duo in Under/Cover. This was my very first Smashbox product; I had heard many good things about the brand and in regards to this beautiful duo, they're aaalll true.

I got this duo a long time ago on Hautelook for around $5. I had really wanted to try Smashbox’s Soft Lights and thought this was a great way to try it out (as well as a lovely blush) for a super inexpensive price. Scroll down for swatches and my highlighting chart.

L: Soft Lights, Under R: Blush, Cover

L: Soft Lights, Under R: Blush, Cover

Soft Lights are a highly acclaimed highlighting and illuminating powder and Under is a light, pearly beige, almost ivory, with a slight shimmer. It is perfect for getting that glowing, airbrushed look and I love the fact that it still looks beautifully natural. The Blush, Cover is a soft peachy pink which would be great for warm or neutral toned skin. The pressed powder is quite soft, so you don’t need to swatch too hard to get a decent amount onto your brush. Both shades are softly pigmented, but buildable. They give a gorgeous, soft glow which looks pretty and natural.

Where to put Soft Lights to get a natural, soft airbrushed glow:

Gently brushing Soft Lights onto the high points of your face (or wherever you want to emphasise and make stand out) and blending will produce a much brighter, more dimensional look. Especially with photography, since a camera can easily wash out your face and make it look flat. I really like the dewy glow I get when using this duo, the shades perfectly complement each other and look really natural. There’s nothing worse than a highlighter that makes you look sheened in sweat! The slight shimmer in the Soft Lights is subtle and not too shiny or sparkly at all and you only need a small amount to get a gorgeous result.

I’m pretty sure they discontinued these duos, but it’s allowed me to try two products that I will definitely be repurchasing in the future. You can still find them on ebay and around the web if you look for them and Smashbox has two shades available on their website, of the two SHIMMER looks closest to this one.

Have you tried Smashbox Soft Lights or Blush before? What is your favourite highlighter/illuminator?


  1. What a pretty combo! I love the diagram for your highlighting! :)


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