Sep 19, 2013

Brown to Purple Ombre Hair using ION Color Brilliance Brights Lavender

I Bought This

As I've mentioned before, I like purple. Purple hair has been on my lust list for the looooooongest time now, especially lavender, pastel, almost silvery unicorn hair. I absolutely adore it. Honestly, I wanted to have my whole head a silvery, pastel purple colour, but I just can't deal with the maintenance and continuous bleaching that that would entail. So, I had the option to either do some purple highlights/streaks or do a purple ombre... of course I took the easier (and trendier) route and did an ombre!

First, I did a DIY Ombre at home. The first time I ever did an ombre, I used box dyes, but this time I didn't want to fry my hair so badly =_= so I bought some supplies at Sally Beauty and bleached the mid-lengths of my hair to a light brown, fading into white blonde at the ends (which I'll write about in another post, also how I protected my hair from too much damage!). Then, using ION Color Brilliance Brights in Lavender, I dyed the lower half of my hair. Now, I ended up doing it twice because the colour didn't show up as much as I wanted it to the first time. The ION Color Brilliance Brights are a very thick, drier consistency, so I added a little water to make it easier to saturate my hair and it ended up with a creamier texture, like you see below.

I then tried to completely saturate my hair and left it on for 60 minutes. As I said, I did this twice, using 2 tubes of the ION Color Brilliance Brights in Lavender, and ended up with a pretty nice, vibrant purple shade on everywhere my hair was white blonde. The colour didn't really show over the darker parts of my hair though.

These two pictures above are after curling my hair a bit with my GHD flat iron, a few days after dyeing it. I really liked the silvery, lilac shade of purple, but it didn't quite cover as much of my hair as I wanted it to.

My hair then faded to this silvery shade about 3 weeks after dyeing it. It still looked pretty, but I was ready for a more PURPLE purple shade, so I decided to dye over it with some Special Effects dye, which I'd heard a lot about. That I'm saving for Part 2 of my Purple hair post though!

Overall, the ION Color Brilliance Brights in Lavender was a pretty good product, especially for around $4.50 for each 2.05oz tube. They also had a special at the time, which was buy 2 tubes, get 1 free! So I got 3 tubes for around $9! I think it works best on very light, white blonde hair because it's a more pastel shade.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting Part 2 of my Purple hair journey using Special Effects dye in the next few days :)

Click here to see how I bleached my dark brown hair before dyeing it purple with very little damage.


  1. I know this is totally irrelevant to the post but what's on your lips in the first 2 pics!? LOVE!!

  2. Pretty sure it's Urban Decay Lovechild, the old lipstick that had the dagger packaging.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing!!! :D

  4. Does this work without bleaching..?

  5. No. You won't get the same result unless you bleach, you might get a slight purple tint but it won't be as bright as my hair.

  6. Shelly MCcoy1/05/2014 1:45 AM

    I did the same thing but I kinda don't like mine. How long does it take to fade? And what color does it fade to?

  7. It fades pretty quickly, within 2 weeks. Mine faded to a silvery colour.

  8. Your hair looks fried.. not good at all.


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