Aug 22, 2013

Photo Diary: Las Vegas Pt 2. *PIC HEAVY*

Welcome to part 2 of our Vegas Vacation...

The other most important thing on a trip... FOOD.

I really wanted to go to a buffet while we were there, since Vegas is pretty famous for buffets. The one I'd heard a lot about is the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace. It was damn pricey, so we went early for lunch instead of dinner, the good thing was we didn't have to wait to be seated. We sampled sushi, roast duck, prime rib, pasta, fried chicken, chili, rice paper cold rolls, pizza, steamed dumplings, banana leaf wrapped sticky rice and more.. all in little individual sized servings.

Mmmmm pasta...

Asian food galore!

Chili with a weird hard as a rock bread roll.

Roast duck and sushi!! Yum.

Sticky rice, spring rolls (or egg rolls as you call them in the US) and mini steak.

And the desserts..... OHHH the desserts. There was endless cakes, pies, creme brulees, lots of ice cream flavours including Thai Iced Tea and Red Bean, a crepe station and more. I told the kids they could pick 3 desserts and I think I ate even more O_O Buffets are not exactly a dieter's paradise... more like a glutton's paradise.

My crepe, with mixed berries, whipped cream and nutella.

Another memorable meal that I actually took photos at was dinner at The Peppermill Restaurant!

This place had flowers and foliage EVERYWHERE. Fake ones, since I guess it wouldn't be cool to have cherry blossoms dropping in your drink.

Hai again.
I know it looks like I only wore one dress the whole time... I swear I only wore it twice! And it just so happened to be the only two days I was in any of the photos. We had burgers, since it was late and we wanted something quick. The kids were already about to fall asleep! I got the Pastrami Burger, a half pound burger topped with lean pastrami, swiss cheese and drizzled with mayo mustard sauce. My husband got the Ciabatta Pesto Burger, with fresh Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, red onions, tomato and pesto sauce on a ciabatta. They were GOOD. And BIG. We had to take some home, since we couldn't finish everything (well the kids and I at least).

My husband's Ciabatta Pesto burger..
Fake Cherry Blossom tree over all the tables. The setting was gorgeous!
Whole family pic! Spot the tiny baby.

We also ate at the Spice Market buffet, but I didn't take any pictures -_-

On the way back home, we drove past all the casinos we didn't get a chance to visit and I snapped more pictures..

Mini Statue of Liberty
The kids loved this castle at the Excalibur casino!
I wish we had gotten a chance to see the mini pyramid and Sphinx :(
The drive between SoCal and Vegas is very empty and mostly boring... but there is a Ghost Town! I was so excited to see the old Calico mining town, but I have to admit... I was thinking it would be an original, derelict ghost town, with just empty run down buildings. I guess they've developed it into a tourist attraction though and try to upkeep the buildings, because it was a bit more theme park-y than I imagined.

Somebody lives in this house! It had an air conditioning unit and everything.

The old mine shaft entrance.
The house of one of the original settlers who lived in the town for decades.
My first road trip in the States was so much fun! I'm thinking we have to try and get out and about more, in the almost 5 years I've been here this is our first family trip. Next time I think we're planning to go to San Francisco! Have you ever been? If you have, where are your must see spots in San Fran? Where else in the US is your favourite place to vacation? I need road trip/holiday ideas!


  1. AMAZING pics, thanks for sharing, Ishah!

  2. I wonder who lives in that house? the person who "takes care of" the Ghost Town (?)

  3. awesome foods!!!!! now I know just the place to visit and stay a while .. until the kilos build-up on me!! :) Thank you so much for sharing and great that there are these fun places to visit with kids!


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