Jul 17, 2013

Revamp Your Style: Add Instant Glam to Nails with Rhinestones.

There are so many weddings, beach parties, and other special events in the summer that it's the perfect time to revamp your style and add a little glam. Adding rhinestones, and maybe a little glitter, too, to manicures is a super easy, yet effective, way to bump it up to a sparkling new level.

Rhinestones are an affordable and easy to find nail art material. You can find wheels of the crystals in many shapes and sizes at any beauty or nail supply store for under $5.

Check out these ones from Born Pretty Store!

It's as easy as...
  1. Paint your nails with 2 or 3 coats of your desired shade.
  2. Pick up a rhinestone with tweezers/a wet toothpick and place it on your almost dry polish. You can  make a pattern, such as a flower or bow, or place one at the top of your nail for a modern glam look.
  3. Seal with a thick layer of top coat and viola! It adds an extra dimension to a boring old style.
  4. Done!

TIP: If you place the rhinestone and dont like it, just push it into place gently with your tweezers/toothpick. It should move easily, as long as your polish isn't too wet.

Below you can see a couple of ways I've added rhinestones to enhance a manicure look.

The rhinestones and the glitter gradient that you can see in my first manicure example above, are super easy, pretty way approaches to nail art. They add that extra something to both looks that instantly glams up the manicure. This is such a simple trick to add a bit of sparkle, I can see myself using it time and again for special events.

The rhinestones are quite durable in the nail polish. I've never had an issue with one coming off or chipping. The rhinestones I've used in these examples are also small enough to be practically unnoticeable in daily activities. I'm a big fan of over-the-top deco Japanese nail art, but sometimes the designs are complicated, and a little impractical. A simple rhinestone design is reminiscent of the deco style, but a lot more manageable.

What do you like to do to give your nails a bit of instant glam?

This post is part of BlogHer's Revamp Your Style editorial series, made possible by Schick Hydro Silk.


  1. Kayla | Peace Love and Glitter7/17/2013 12:22 PM

    This is ADORABLE! I love nail art, but I'm hella lazy. I actually could do this one, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! I would love to see a post if you do 😁

  3. This looks amazing!! I love how pretty it is! Personally, I love gel polish kit. It lasts 3-4 weeks without chipping. I've got one of the gel polish kit at Runway Professional. Its really nice and perfect for me. I strongly recommend checking them out.

    Cindy x :)


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