Jul 11, 2013

Bold Lashes, Pink and a bit of Glam: Photoshoot Makeup and Nails.

Wow, it feels like forever since I've blogged... Between 3 web design jobs, a kidney stone, 3 kids and just life in general, I haven't had time to edit photos or write at all. I haven't even been wearing makeup or doing my nails =_= Not that I have any nails to do at the moment, with the whole kidney stone ordeal (going to the hospital with excruciating back pain, being laid up in bed, taking care of the kids) I started biting my nails again and I currently only have 4 nails that aren't little nubby remnants. Luckily I received some imPRESS press on nails that I'll be trying later in the week (stay tuned!).

This past weekend I went over to help out the lovely Amber of Angel's Boutique with product photos for her new website. Amber makes beautiful jewelry and does decoden phone cases, pill boxes, contact cases and LOTS of other things. You might remember my post on her cases a while ago, she is super talented!

I had lots of fun being her model and wanted to show you my makeup and nails for the day.

Amber wanted pink and girly, with some dramatic lashes and a cat eye. I'm not so great at doing dramatic cat eyeliner, but I tried..... It's a mini cat eye. The lashes were a little more dramatic than I was expecting, but they look pretty good! They are Ardell 105 Black lashes and felt very soft and natural. I kept the rest of my makeup fairly light and neutral so as not to clash with the bright pink lips. The lipstick is a Kat Von D one that Amber had (she is a huge Kat Von D fan, although she insists she is not a stalker :p). I can't remember the name, but it's a creamy, opaque shade that I love! I may have to pick up some of her makeup. I'm also wearing my Macaron Brown circle lenses.

For my nails, I layered a sheer sparkly mother of pearl shade from Sinful Colors over ORLY Choreographed Chaos and placed a rhinestone at the top of the nail. On my ring finger I used China Glaze Glistening Snow and placed rhinestones in a flower design (ridiculously easy, but looks pretty). Because I had been biting my nails, the ones on my right hand are fake ones that I painted. My nails matched perfectly with this beautiful flower ring that Amber made!

Here's one of her cases, she actually took this to go and meet Kat Von D and showed her the case (which Kat loved!). I told you she was a big fan lol :)

I love the intricacy of her designs and all the little details she adds. Anyone can do decoden, but I think it takes talent to make really pretty designs and to make it all look clean and cohesive. They are super sturdy too :)

I had lots of fun hanging out with Amber, we have a shared love of Hello Kitty, Decoden and K-Dramas! Sorry I've been a little MIA, you can follow me on instagram or twitter for daily updates and I'll be doing a post with the rest of the photos from the photoshoot soon.


  1. Need to know the same of that lipstick. I'm a sucker for any pink lipstick/lip gloss!

  2. She told me it's 'Backstage Bambi'! :)

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