Jun 19, 2013

ORLY Mash Up Collection Summer 2013 Swatches and Nail Art

I Bought This

Soft lavender creme, shimmery pink, holographic glitter, neon orange, shimmery robin's egg blue and a vampy glowing purple. What's not to love about the ORLY Mash Up Collection?? I did some quick swatches.

Thumb: Beautiful Disaster, Index: Pretty-Ugly, Middle: Mayhem Mentality, Ring: Harmonious Mess, Pinky: Choreographed Chaos.

Beautiful Disaster is a red toned purple shimmer, which seems to glow from within. I used 2 coats and it went on nicely.
Pretty-Ugly is a Tiffany blue with blue shimmer which was also had a smooth formula. It was on the sheerer side and I did have to be careful not to put it on too thick though, because I noticed a couple of bubbles. I did 3 coats for full opacity.
Mayhem Mentality is a super intense neon orange, blindingly bright! A bit streaky at first, but it evened out after 3 coats.
Harmonious Mess is a slightly grey toned lavender creme that seems more like a Spring colour, but it refreshes the palate. It got a bit gloopy when applied too thickly, so I did 3 thinner coats.
Choreographed Chaos is a candy pink with a very slight blue shimmer. It's definitely more noticable in the bottle than on the nail. Slightly sheerer as well, I did 3 coats.

Last, but not least, Sparkling Garbage: a holographic glitter with a transluscent greenish jelly base. I didn't like it on its own, but it looks beautiful layered.

One coat of Sparkling Garbage over the other Mash Up shades.

I really love all these colours and I'm looking forward to doing nail art with them. I decided to try out the cloud mani, which is something I've been wanting to attempt for a while. These colours are bright and pretty opaque, so they are perfect for this type of nail art :)

I used everything except Sparkling Garbage and Beautiful Disaster.

My technique isn't perfect, but it was such a fun and colourful manicure, I'm definitely going to try it again! I'm really happy I picked up this collection, I think there are some great Summery shades that I'll be using often. I do wish the formula was better on some of the shades, but they weren't so bad that I wouldn't use them. Maybe some polish thinner would help.

Are you a fan of bright shades for Summer, or do you prefer more neutral shades?


  1. I love the bright colours! But beautiful disaster is definitely for me.

  2. It's definitely a fun summer collection!


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