Jun 8, 2013

@Ipsy Generation Beauty event, hosted by @MichellePhan *PIC HEAVY*

So last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Ipsy Generation Beauty event!

I don't follow a huge amount of Youtubers, but the two main ones I do are Michelle and Promise Phan. I am a huge fan of Promise in particular, her transformations are absolutely AMAZING! She even has memes made about her :D To have the opportunity to meet them in person and participate in the Stylist meetups and  workshops was super exciting!

I went down to LA Live with my BFF Mai and we trekked up to the top of the parking garage where the huge-ass event tent was.

We got there pretty early, but there were already a good amount of beauty enthusiasts there. The brands that had booths were:

As soon as we walked in, we saw ThatsHeart!

She was doing a meet and greet, but I didn't want to get a photo with her because I was afraid I'd look HUGE next to her, since she's so tiny! So I just took a creeper photo like a stalker O_O

Next we headed to the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth for an eyebrow makeover. Apparently it's pronounced AH-NAH-STAH-SEE-AH and not ANN-AH-STAY-SHAH or whatever. I'm not a linguist dammit.


Mai kept asking me if I thought she looked like this Japanese comedian that has really thick eyebrows.....

No, I don't know what she's on.

We met up with my friend Jazz who was working at the Toni & Guy braid bar. The Toni & Guy stylists were giving everyone beautiful braids, they even did Promise's hair!

So we got our braids did!

Michelle Phan gave some opening remarks and they showed a video which hinted at some big things coming from Michelle very soon. She seemed excited to be there, but she must have been super busy leading up to the event since she said she wrote her speech that morning and read it from a piece of paper.

She is also tiny....  I loved her gorgeous blue maxi-dress! So perfectly Summery.

Then we stuck around at the main stage and watched the Stylist Talk with Promise.... and four other girls. Sorry, I don't know them!! I'm really not an avid Youtube watcher, preferring to read blog posts =_=;; I really didn't know who any of the other girls were. I now know that one of them is Kandee Johnson and one of them is Andrea...... and that's all I know. Please feel free to berate me for my ignorance.

They were all really interesting, informative and funny! I took a video, so I'll be posting it on my Youtube channel sometime in the next couple of days. It will mostly be of Promise, but if you want me to do another one on the other girls' responses, let me know!

After schlepping around for a bit, we watched Michelle give a seminar on video editing and techniques:

It was mostly stuff I've read up on, like what to use for lighting and etc, but I picked up a few good tips. Then we went to the Bare Minerals booth to watch Promise give a workshop on transformations and contouring. Since we got there early and waited at the front, we managed to get right in front of the stage! I'm such a fangirl. There was a girl who made her way right to the front and even pulled up a chair and got comfortable LOL. Afterwards she basically strong armed onto the stage and I won't say she *made* Promise take a picture with her, but pretty much. Anyway, Promise talked about the proper way to contour and how to get certain results, like a taller looking nose or hiding your double-chin. I kicked off the Q&A session with a question about hiding under-eye circles since everyone seemed to be hesitant to speak. Here's a dandy lil gif of Promise in action..

And we got to meet her! She is REALLY sweet and friendly and took time to talk to everyone individually. We talked about how she used to be nervous about speaking in public, how she has family in Australia and our nail polish :D She also thanked me for being the first one to ask a question lol.

The Benefit lounge had a photobooth!! If you know me, you know I love photobooths and purikura :) I wish I had taken the giant glasses off for a couple of frames.. eh well..

When you tagged your photos #GenBeauty they showed the feed on the big screen! You can see our photobooth pic on there :D

We went and entered the SOHO giveaway, they were giving away a bag of your choice that you design! The cool thing is you can pick the pattern, the liner pattern and the colour of the zipper too. I thought their bags were super cute!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand look at all the goodies I took home! They had a 'happy hour' where all the brands were giving out free products. I completely made out! Full size Benetint, NYX makeup palette, a SOHO mini cosmetics bag, full size pixi products, a smashbox goodie bag, light up tweezers, a NOPI nail polish and soooo much more. I'll be doing a haul video too if I can get some quiet time.

It was such a great experience! I had lots of fun and it was great to meet my favourite Youtuber and get tips from all the Ipsy girls. I'm going to try and plan to go next year as well, hopefully for the full 2 days. This year I could only go on one day, since I didn't want to leave the baby two days in a row.

Did you go to the Generation Beauty event? Are you planning to next year? If you are, we should plan a meetup!


  1. Adri - Beauty with a Twist6/09/2013 9:06 AM

    sounds like it was a fantastic event!

  2. Egle @makeupdemon.blogspot.com6/15/2013 3:09 AM

    Great event! Ishah, you look very nice!

  3. FabZilla_Kath6/15/2013 6:20 PM

    Nice event! 'bet you had loads of fun!

  4. Definitely! I'm going to try to get to next year's as well :)


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