May 15, 2013

Got2b POWDER'ful Hair Volumising Powder Review and Pictures.

Press Sample

If there's one big hair peeve that I have, it's lack of volume. My hair is fine and can sometimes look a bit like an afghan hound's ears, sticking to my head (you just pictured me with afghan ears, didn't you). Well, to look less houndish, I usually use some type of volumising product - but sprays and mousse tend to be sticky and end up making my hair look clumpy and oily. When I heard about Got2b POWDER'ful, I was interested to see how the powder formula would work in my fine, flyaway hair.

The powder looks like baby powder, but feels tackier and disappears when you rub your hands together.When I rubbed it into my hair, I could feel it grabbing onto my roots and slightly thickening the texture. Because it turns invisible after rubbing, there's no white/greyish cast to the hair at all which you get if you use baby powder or some dry shampoos.

Before using Got2b POWDER'ful

After using Got2b POWDER'ful
I liked the volume boost the powder gave me, I didn't use a huge amount just what you see in the picture of the powder above. I did notice that after a couple of hours it starts to fall a little, but you can reactivate it by just rubbing with your fingers at your roots, no need to add more powder. I think it's a great product for natural volume that leaves your hair with a soft, light texture and won't make it heavy or oily. It may not be your cup of tea if you prefer big, dramatic volume - for that you'll still need a teasing comb and some hairspray.

I would probably purchase this product when I run out, as I have been enjoying using it. My hair doesn't play well with some products, as it's easily weighed down, so I love that POWDER'ful still leaves it feeling soft and natural. I do wish it lasted a bit longer without having to reactivate it, so if I found something that worked better I'd consider that instead. So far though, this is the best natural looking volumiser I have used.

What do you usually use to volumise your hair? Do you like natural volume or big Texas style hair? :p

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  1. I like the pictures...this seems perfect for those looking for natural volume. And l love how you stated that you dont need more product to relift.


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