Mar 12, 2013

Polish Days: Vintage Nail Art

I love the vintage theme! Polka dots, stripes and roses are the usual thing in vintage nail art, but I love the look so I just went with it. I originally planned to do a Flapper style half moon mani, but I really wanted to try this scalloped lace technique that I saw on Eki's blog :) Mine isn't as perfect as hers, but it's my first time trying it so I'm sure practice will make me better!

I used Wet n Wild Private Viewing (the nude colour) and Wet n Wild French White Creme and then a few Kiss nail art polishes for the roses. The whole look was done using a dotting tool and the Kiss striping polishes, so it was fairly easy :) I finished with a coat of Out The Door top coat and done!

Vintage Nail Art
Vintage Nails
WnW Private Viewing is such a perfect nude colour for me! It's warm toned, so it suits my skintone perfectly :) Sadly, my nails have been subjected to some harsh treatment (that being me peeling gel polish off) and were peeling horribly, so I had to cut them down to within an inch of their life =_= The nails on my right hand are even shorter! I'm so sorry nails, I'll never peel again ;_; I only hope they'll grow back ok... A few people recommended I try Duri Rejuvacote, so I might give it a go. Does anyone have a place they recommend buying it from? I have seen it on Amazon so I might just buy it there.

I hope you like my Vintage nails as much as I enjoyed doing them :) I think the roses are so pretty and easy to do, I'll definitely be using them in more of my nail art looks! What do you think of when you hear 'vintage nail art'?


  1. I love the scalloped lace!!

  2. They look lovely! <3

  3. Me too! It's such a cool idea :)

  4. Beautiful! I went for roses too! :D

    Aysh xox

  5. Piolas NailLounge3/14/2013 3:36 AM

    Beautiful mani!!


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