Mar 29, 2013

My Easter Nails: Sweet Purple Candy

I Bought This

Easter is just days away! I don't celebrate Easter religiously, but I like to celebrate holidays with my family and good friends. It's another excuse to get together, spend quality time and eat good food. In the past few (4) years basically since I moved to the states there have been numerous dramas surrounding the holidays, due to an inability to see eye to eye with certain people. I'm determined to pass this Easter peacefully.... This means I need pretty things to look at. That always keeps me calm.

Soooo I pulled out this gorgeous purple combo to put on my nails, Revlon Girly & Zoya Marley.

I did one coat of Marley and two thin coats of Revlon Girly. Girly is opaque on it's own, but it tends to have a LOT of glitter and I wanted the glitter to be a little more sparse. The result was this purple candy confection:

My camera freaked out a little on the purple and wanted to show it as more pink than it is. I tried to colour correct a bit, but it is slightly more purple toned than it looks. It's pretty true to what it looks like in the bottle in the top picture. I love both of these polishes so much! Marley is slightly streaky and can be a bit thick, but I think a drop or two of nail polish thinner might fix that. Girly tends to get a bit muddy looking if it's applied too thickly, that's why I prefer to layer it :)

Ok, so now I'm set! Now I can stare at my pretty nails all day and not worry about anything else. Easter is for chocolate!


  1. This is such a pretty combination! I think Girly is such a unique color! Super pretty :D


  2. Thanks! Yeah I don't have anything like it, love it!

  3. Very pretty reminds me of cupcakes! lol :D


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