Mar 24, 2013

Google Reader is sinking, so it's time to jump ship.

I'm sure you know that Google will be pulling the plug on Google Reader on July 1st and I just wanted to show you what I will be using to easily import my feeds into other readers and keep up with ALL my blogs without having to go around and resubscribe to everyone.

For Web:

Bloglovin - This one is pretty popular with a lot of the other bloggers too. They have an easy 'Import from Google Reader' button which instantly pulls all the feeds you're subscribed to on Reader into your Bloglovin list.

For Mobile:
Pulse - I really like this app because you can choose which feeds you want and see all the articles/posts in that specific feed. It also has a nice looking interface. It also allows you to read feeds from Twitter, Facebook and lots of other sources.
Flipboard - Really nice looking app, it gives you a multitude of options for sources and also displays articles/blog posts in a magazine style. You flip the 'page' to get to the next article on your list. The only thing I wish you could do is choose specific feeds to view.

To see even more alternatives, click HERE and HERE :)

I hope you all find a good alternative to Reader. I know I'll miss it, but hopefully the other RSS readers are just as good. Go do it soon so you can keep my updates in your life! ;)

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