Feb 4, 2013

Valentine's Themed Nail Art: Lips & Love

As I'm in the Valentine's spirit this month, I joined a nail art challenge! The Manicure Hut is a nail art blog that I stumbled across and absolutely love her designs. She's doing the Love-ly Nail Art Challenge for the month of February and I thought I'd jump on board since I am all Valentine's Day obsessed.

 My post for Day 1, Hearts, can be found here. This is Day 2, Lips.

I started by doing a big ol' juicy set of lips and just winged it from there. I have a nude gel polish as my base colour and just freehanded the designs with Kiss Nail Art polishes. I thought it was a pretty fun design overall and something different! I love doing love themes, lots of red, pink and hearts! Everything was super easy to do with the Kiss Nail Art polishes too, I recommend them if you're just starting out with nail art and aren't comfortable using a striping brush yet. I'll be doing all the other challenge days too, so keep an eye out for lots of lovely love nail art posts!

Check out some other Lips themed nail art here!


Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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