Jan 18, 2013

New Hair! Garnier Nutrisse Foam Dye in Iced Mahogany

If you've been following my blog for a while, one thing you'll know about me is that when it comes to hair, I get bored very easily. My DIY ombre was getting a little dull, yellow and passe, so I decided to use this Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam in Iced Mahogany. The shade is supposed to be a cool dark brown and I try to stay with cool shades, as my hair gets brassy/warm tones very easily.

I found the foam to be quite .. er.. foamy. It was easy to distribute throughout my hair and seemed to cover well without dripping.It did make my hair feel a little squeaky, and I mean actually squeaky. While I was rubbing it into the ends, my hair was squeaking like nails on a chalkboard. Definitely set my teeth on edge!

Here are the before and after pictures:


The after photo is partially in sunlight, so you can see that it's a bit warmer looking in the sun. Overall it was a little patchy, I probably should have done my lighter ends first and then my roots, in order to make sure it coloured evenly. My hair still feels a bit dry at the ends. I usually use L'Oreal Feria dye and I think it leaves my hair feeling a tad bit more moisturised than this one does. Honestly though, drugstore box dyes are pretty crappy, but I usually go with them since they're cheap, quick and easier to do at home than going to a salon when you have 3 kids. I might look into picking up some better quality dye from the beauty/hair supply store.

Here's one last pic, indoors, indirect sunlight:

Please excuse my messy fringe. Also, I had had my hair in plaits the night before to keep it from tangling, but I think they may have been a bit too tight... Commence poodle hair. It's been sooooo long since I've had hair this dark!! This is actually close to my natural hair colour. I've been dying my hair light brown for so long that I haven't really seen my natural colour in years. We'll see how long it lasts lol. I actually have a box of the new Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream hair color in Burgundy on the way to me, courtesy of Klout, so you may see me with burgundy hair in the near future!

Do you use box dyes, or do you prefer to colour at a salon?

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