Jan 1, 2013

Gold Eyes, Oxblood Lips. My New Year's Day Look.

Happy New Year! It's my first post for 2013 :D

SO we ended up having a quiet night in, watching movies and eating snacks. Unfortunately, by 9.30pm everyone was asleep on the couch except me!

You see this??? While most people were having a boozefest, my house was having a snoozefest =_=;; I didn't bother doing any NYE makeup, since we didn't go anywhere, but today I decided to a New Year's Day look :) My first FOTD for 2013!

The lipstick is actually a little bit darker & more burgundy IRL, more a true oxblood, like this picture:


  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, No. 31
  • elf Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, St Lucia
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Baked and Chopper
  • stila Eyeshadow, Karat
  • elf Studio Pigment Eyeshadow, Golden Goddess
  • Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen
  • Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick, Cherry Bomb
This look is simple, but vampy. I love gold and deep red together, and that oxblood shade is so hot right now..

We didn't even really do anything today, just went to the park with the kids. Yes, I am totally that mother at the park wearing ridiculously inappropriate makeup. Then again, sometimes I'm that mother wearing absolutely no makeup and with crazy hair shoved into a bun. Depends on how much sleep I got that night.

Just for kicks...

Yes, a collage of my face. Because you haven't seen it enough.
I'm sorry, you have to be subjected to so many vain pictures. Truly, I'm sorry (not really). It's been so long since I've put on a full face of makeup, I went a little overboard taking pictures.

I hope everyone had a funner NYE than I did!! Well I was ridiculously tired anyway, so if I didn't make myself stay up, I probably would have been asleep on the couch too.


  1. Jasmine Huston1/01/2013 11:13 PM

    Gorgeous look Ishah!!! Who cares if you're at the park with inappropriate make-up... you're just making all the other mummas jealous! :P

  2. Lani Maverick1/02/2013 6:45 AM

    Very cute family photos, and beautiful photos of you!

  3. Simply gorgeous, the oxblood looks great on you!

  4. Beautiful! I love the gold with the oxblood, so elegant. LOVE the shot of everyone dozed off :) We stayed in, also, on account of being under the weather. Sometimes it's nice to have a perfectly good excuse to stay in.

  5. Thanks! It's my fave color at the moment.

  6. It's true, it's nice to just relax at home sometimes :)


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