Jan 11, 2013

Drew Barrymore's new Flower Cosmetics to introduce a TRUE BB Cream?

So you may or may not have heard that Drew Barrymore is launching a brand new cosmetics line called Flower, a brand she co-owns with design and manufacturing firm Maesa Group that will be released this month in 1,509 Wal-Mart stores.

Source:  WWD.com - Photo By Donato Sardella

I like Drew Barrymore and the product packaging is really pretty, so I probably would have checked the line out anyway. But what has me really intrigued is that it will include a BB Cream and supposedly not the type of product Western companies have been passing off to us as BB Creams. This is what their representative had to say:

Asked what the star products in Flower’s lineup are, Petra Tucker-Moss, senior director, product development and marketing at Maesa, declined to pick favorites. “We are a line of star products. There is not one item we compromised on,” she said. However, she and Barrymore did go on to extoll the attributes of Flower’s Ultimate Mascara, Powder Up loose powder and its BB cream.

Tucker-Moss said Flower’s BB cream is a “true BB cream.” “It is not the new version, which is really a marketing twist. They are tinted moisturizers,” she said. “Ours is an actual treatment cream that addresses everything from blemishes to enlarged pores.”  - WWD.com

I am really excited to see if Drew has followed the path of the original Asian BB Cream formulas and will be bringing a REAL BB Cream to US shores. If that's the case, maybe more companies will follow suit! But they may need to come up with a different marketing approach than 'BB Cream' because I feel the US market has been oversaturated with supbar products claiming to be BB Creams and the average consumer will end up being confused.

Are you going to try Drew's new cosmetics line? Do you think Western companies are finally going to bring true BB Creams to the US?

Look out for my review of this BB Cream once it's launched!


  1. really enjoyed your rant on the US BB creams! lol people should not think of products as what they're marketed as if the marketing scheme is a lie

  2. Haha thanks! :) I totally agree.


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