Dec 30, 2012

What I Got: Holiday Gifts Galore.

I can't believe it's already the 30th of December o_o Where does the time go? We had a busy week last week, last minute shopping and Christmas and then family members going back home :( The one thing this past week has really made clear to me is that family and good friends are the MOST important thing! I have so much appreciation for the people I love and who love me.

Anyway, what's the holiday season really about? Why, gifts of course! (I kid, I kid). But just in case you wanted to see them, here are some pretty pictures of the gifts I received from my loves.

You've seen my Melty Ice Cream nails (or maybe you haven't.. go check them out!) using Whirled Away, the beautiful China Glaze polish my friend Malisa gifted me. I'm seriously in love with this beautiful milky glitter polish.

My 4 year old son picked this necklace and earrings set out for me :) Silvery, blingy, dangly jewellery, my boy has good taste lol. Thank you to my mum for buying them.

My husband's close friend Tai bought us watches for our birthday! This gorgeous Relic watch is mine :) Look at that beautiful soft shade of pink on the face!

What is this contraption, you ask? It's a nail dryer! My BFF Mai got this for me for my birthday :) Basically it's a fan that dries your nails within 2 minutes. I've used it once and it's noisy as heck, but it works!

My husband got me a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, including these mini nail polishes and nail stickers. So cute! He also got me a pink Hello Kitty cosmetics case.

My beautiful mama got me this gorgeous white Guess wallet. It's so cute, I just have to work hard at keeping it white! A hard task with all these boys around lol.

Mai gave me this heavenly body butter from Victoria's Secret. The scent is to die for!

Last, but not least, my mama also got me his gorgeous cherry blossom tea set. The delicate design is raised and has a 3D effect which I love and it's such a pretty shade of powder blue.

In the end it's more about giving than receiving, and spending time with family, but it's nice to get some pretty things once in a while :) I'm somewhat exhausted after all the festivities and all the driving we've been doing lately (all over SoCal!), so I think I'm going to take this week to recuperate. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and had some quality family time!

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