Dec 11, 2012

My Holiday Wishlist (please pay extra attention to this if you are married to me).

Ok so 'tis the season of holidays, but for me it's also my birthday month!

Therefore, I feel doubly entitled to make a wishlist :p Whether it will be acknowledged or not is a completely different story =_= My husband doesn't even read my blog... I guess that makes it easy for me to start bitching about him on here? Maybe if people start telling him I'm dishing all our dirt, he'll pay more attention ;) I should also mention that my husband and I have... the same birthday. Yes, not only does he not like to make a big deal of his own birthday, he thinks he doesn't have to make a big deal of mine.

So here I am, making a wishlist that will most likely pass by the wayside without a second glance.. it is just here for your (and my) enjoyment ;) (No but seriously hun, I hope you're reading this :p).

I'm sooo obsessed with all of these products (can you tell I love bright colours and pastels?). It's a Trap-eze is so pretty and whimsical looking, like confetti and cupcakes and all that kind of fun stuff. The heart bag from F21? Do I even NEED to explain that one? SUPER cute. Peter Pan collar? Ditto. Also, so on trend in Asia right now. I need more neutral eyeshadows like I need an arrow to the knee, but I love the quality of Urban Decay cosmetics and matte neutrals are such a staple. The Nekomimi (cat ears) beanie is something I've wanted since I saw a couple of my fave bloggers post about them while they were in Japan. I am in love with pretty pastel nail polish, and the Lime Crime ones have such cute names (like Peaches ♥ Cream, Lavendairy). I love OCC Lip Tar and this one is a metallic, bright fuschia called Yaoi. As an Anime/Manga lover, it is a necessity.

What's on your holiday wishlist? Are there any products that you are just so absolutely in love with that you feel like you MUST have them? These are definitely mine :)


  1. Happy birthday!! hope your hubby gets you all the things you want ;)

  2. Aw thank you! I hope so too haha :)

  3. I absolutely love this wishlist! :D

    I'm having a circle lens giveaway on my blog, if you're interested!


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