Nov 2, 2012

Etniq Minerals Pigments - Rare, Fury Rush & Merengue

Recently, the lovely Leah from Etniq Minerals sent me three mineral pigment samples to try out. Etniq Minerals is a new brand to me, I had never heard of them before, but I was intrigued by the fact that it's all natural and vegan, with no harsh synthetic materials or chemicals.

From the Etniq Minerals website:

"Etniq Mineral Cosmetics ... is a mineral makeup line that combines fun and funky with sophistication and never forgets that true beauty begins with a beautiful canvas. The preservation of your healthy glowing skin is always my first concern... an amazingly versatile makeup line that:
  • won’t age your skin 
  • won’t break you out and
  • will look beautiful all day at work and all nite at play"
Ingredients: Serecite, mica, iron oxides
****contains no bismuth oxychloride, no talc, no synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or chemical preservatives****
**All-natural VEGAN mineral makeup** 

I got to try Rare, Fury Rush and Merengue.

All the shades are quite sheer when applied dry, but very pigmented when used wet. They also had a lot more staying power when used wet, they would barely budge from my arm with vigorous rubbing. These pigments can be used as eyeshadows, but also as liners, mixed with lip gloss or with nail polish.

Rare is a rich shimmery bronze, which has purple and gold sparkles (better seen in the bottom picture). It is the sheerest when dry and on the website is recommended for use as a light, brightening bronzer.

Fury Rush is a warm, 'burnt orange' shade, this one was the most pigmented dry or wet. It has a slight gold sparkle and is very vivid.

Merengue is a bright Cerulean blue, which looks a bit lackluster when dry, but is absolutely gorgeous when applied wet. Wet application really makes this shade pop, and I used it as a liner in my Halloween Cleopatra look.

I really enjoyed testing these pigments, I think they work best as liners or foiled (applied wet) and would also work great in nail polish or clear lip gloss as they are so rich and vibrant. I probably wouldn't use them dry as they are just too sheer for my liking and don't last as long. The only issue I have with loose pigments is that I'm so clumsy that I most likely will end up spilling them all over myself while attempting to open the container. Anybody else have this problem, or am I just a super klutz?

Thank you Leah, for letting me try them out!


  1. Rainy Mabbit11/02/2012 1:53 PM

    I like the blue color on the right. It's really vivid! I wish I had blue eyes. it would look super pretty:)

  2. You need some circle lenses ;) I just got some blue ones, going to review them soon!

  3. Hey lady! In my head, I've been saying thank you thank you, lol but I guess I never thought to write it until now :). Thank you so much for the review! xo! Leah,

  4. No problem! :) I really enjoyed using the pigments.

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