Nov 14, 2012

Hello Kitty holiday shoes collection at JustFab

I'm a sucker for anything Hello Kitty.

Put Hello Kitty on anything and I'd probably buy it. So when I saw that JustFab had a Hello Kitty shoe collection for the holidays, I was all over it!

Source: JustFab

Whaaaaaaaaat, sparkly Hello Kitty heels with a bow? Super cute quilted bow patterns??? Please lock up my wallet. At $40 each, they aren't SUPER expensive, but I definitely can't afford to buy all the pairs I would like to. How to narrow them down to one or two pairs? :(

Here are all the styles and colours currently available on JustFab. (Pic heavy!)

Some of the detailing is to die for. Click to enlarge images!

Luisa: Black/White. Source: JustFab

Luisa: Red/White. Source: JustFab

Luisa: Black. Source: JustFab

Carmine: White. Source: JustFab

Carmine: Black. Source: JustFab

Dauphine: Black/Blush. Source: JustFab

Dauphine: Black. Source: JustFab

Halle: Silver. Source: JustFab

Halle: Black. Source: JustFab
Laurel: Leopard. Source: JustFab

Laurel: Black. Source: JustFab

Laurel: Zebra. Source: JustFab

Meadow: Black. Source: JustFab

Meadow: Brown. Source: JustFab

Meadow: Chestnut. Source: JustFab

Racine: Silver. Source: JustFab

Racine: Black. Source: JustFab

Sofia: Gold. Source: JustFab

Sofia: Black. Source: JustFab

Sofia: Red. Source: JustFab

Anne: Black. Source: JustFab

Anne: Pink. Source: JustFab

There are soooo many cute shoes, I had a hard time picking favourites. I really like Dauphine (Black/Blush), Laurel (Leopard), Carmine (White), Racine (Silver) and Sofia (Gold). I like most of the others too though =_=;; The only one I don't really like is Anne... it's too little girl Ugg boot.

Would you pick any of these shoes up? I'm so inclined to, just because they are Hello Kitty. I lose to branding. I think some of them are more worth $40 than others, I can't really justify spending that much on a pair of plain flats that just have a HK head on them. I will have to suck it up and just decide on one pair.. but the deciding will be difficult!

I love holiday collections, can't wait to see what else we'll be treated to this year!

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  1. Don't do it. I looked into Just Fab before because I was thinking of buying from them, and all the reviews I've seen have been nothing but complaints about their customer service and whatnot. They make you pay around $40 a month just to be able to buy things, and give you a hard time if you try to cancel. Also read many complaints of them still charging even after people have canceled. Bad news.

  2. I've ordered one pair of shoes from them before and was able to get them to cancel the monthly service. They will actually do a bunch of stuff to try to get you not to cancel membership, like giving you free credits and discounts, but they will cancel it if you say you definitely don't want the service anymore.

  3. Well, that's good, hopefully they are stepping up their customer service. I'm still hesitant to try them though. As for the shoes, I think Halle Black is adorable.

  4. I know what you mean, I've has bad experiences with monthly club type services before. I'm really tempted to buy a couple of these though!

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