Oct 11, 2012

elf Python Collection - Gold Glitter & Butter London Matte Finish topcoat.

The second of my elf Python Collection polish purchases: this unnamed gold glitter. Again, I flexed my creativity muscle and came up with this awesome name... Gold Glitter. Hold the applause, please.

This consists mainly of fine gold glitter, with a small amount of larger silver hex glitter pieces. It was difficult to get any of the hex glitter on the nail, so I had to use the dab/placing method to get the few that I have on there. Again, the smell is awful. When I opened it, I actually looked around to see what was giving off that chemical stench because I just didn't even think that it could be the nail polish. Luckily the smell goes away a little while after application.

I applied one coat over the Oxblood Red Crelly mani from yesterday.

It's alright. Nothing amazing.  I had to change my nail shape (again), because two of my nails chipped on the edges, making it completely impossible to keep my square shape. So oval it is, for now.

I decided to matte it up with my Butter London Matte Finish topcoat, just for kicks.

Loving the matte effect! It's so appropriate for this season :)


  1. Jasmine Huston10/11/2012 9:41 AM

    Love the final result with the matted look! It looks super unique! 

  2. Thanks! I'm loving the matte look too :)

  3. The glitter looks gorgeous, all matteified (new word?)

  4. We can add it to the blogger dictionary :p


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