Oct 2, 2012

Daiso Japan Makeup Review & $20 Makeup Challenge video


It's taken me a while, but I finally edited and uploaded my Daiso products $20 Makeup Challenge tag video. I thought I'd do a more in depth review on the products here, along with more product and FOTD pictures. FYI, Daiso is a Japanese ¥100 store ($1.50 in the US). Most of the products are $1.50, with a couple of exceptions.

Check out my video here! Sorry the audio quality and lighting isn't great, I'm still working on getting it right.

The BB cream is pretty good,  up close the texture isn't amazing, it looks slightly cakey (this may have also been emphasised by the powder), but it's not hugely noticable. It evens out skintone well, gives a nice, even finish and lasts for 8 hours+. If it had SPF then it'd be on par with a lot of the more expensive BB creams, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any. Because of the lack of SPF, however, it also doesn't have a greyish cast to it that some high SPF BB creams have. If you layer sunscreen or a moisturiser with high SPF under this, it would be a perfect low cost liquid foundation. $4?? How can you beat that? Down side is it only comes a few shades, all of them quite light.

This is a nice blush, the powder is pretty compacted, so you have to layer it in order to get good pigmentation. This means that it doesn't have fallout though, but the crappy brush is difficult to use. If you use this with a better brush, then it's easier to achieve a nice flush and subtle glow with the highlighter. $1.50.

These eyeshadows are a nice range of shades. They are a bit softer than the blush, so they are easy to blend out. They have pretty good pigmentation and a nice even texture. For $1.50 I am loving this little palette.

This lipgloss is a sticky, frosty concoction that reminds me of those frosty glosses from the dated past. I don't so much mind sticky glosses, as they tend to last longer, but I can't handle the frostiness. $1.50.

This powder is not bad, it covers evenly and has a matte finish. It may have contributed to the cakey finish a little, but it wasn't horrible. I don't use powder much, but this one would be a good setting powder if you're on a budget. $1.50.

The mascara wasn't amazing, but honestly it was on par with some of the drugstore mascaras I've tried. I'm used to the great curl and lengthening I get with my Dolly Wink mascara, so this one didn't wow me, but for $1.50 it is a good deal cheaper than a lot of the drugstore mascaras with similar performance. The curl didn't last long and it flaked a little, but it separated and lengthened pretty well.

The other thing I did not like at all was this eyeliner. It tugged, it didn't go on smoothly, it irritated my eye and it flaked and smudged. DO NOT BUY. $1.50.
This eyebrow pencil was nice, it went on smoothly and looked natural. With the brush on one end, it was easy to blend and it lasted well. I will definitely use it again! This shade is good for darker blondes and lighter brunettes. They also have a black shade. $1.50.
Sorry, I took this picture after using the outer lashes, so they have black eyeliner on the band. The band is actually transparent, as you can see on the inner lashes that I didn't use. The lashes are a bit stiff and feel like they might not last long, but for $1.50 they are ok. I would probably still prefer to buy other brands, like my handmade silk lashes from Born Pretty. They are just as cheap, if not cheaper, and have a much better quality and texture.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of most of the products. You don't usually get good quality from products this cheap. Japanese makeup is usually good, so if you're looking to try out a BB cream or some nice eyeshadows for a cheap price, go and check out Daiso! :)


  1. I loveee daiso! this is such a nice change from the elf/wetnwild $20 looks! i haven't tried any of the cosmetics at daiso yet, but i do browse around pretty often and maybe ill cave in soon for the love of daiso lol

  2. I was so surprised by the quality, it was actually pretty great for the price you pay. I definitely think you should try some products out :)

  3. Hello Ishah! I found you on NuffnangX. I love Daiso too! How can you beat $1.50 and awesome random stuff! I've never tried their make up products though... but your post has me intrigued. hehe..

    Also, your hair is so pretty :D

  4. Thank you! Yes, I love Daiso and was surprised at how mostly great the quality is. I'm going to be back there to pick up more eyeshadow and nail polish at least.

  5. Have you tried their nail polish? How are they as compared to the normal drugstore ones? :D

  6. Yes, I have a few other posts just recently on their nail polish. It's actually better than a lot of the cheaper drugstore polish I've tried, applies quite smooth with good coverage. Check out my other posts for a more in depth review and some pics, they should be in the archive from this month in my sidebar :)

  7. Ok, found them! Will check them out :)

    P.S. How are you liking NuffnangX so far?

  8. I like it! It's awesome that you can connect with so many blogs on there :)

  9. kyoko ishida3/28/2013 6:48 AM

    hi, i m Kyoko living in Japan.

    This is beauty paper of a brand made in Kyoto Japan.

    "Youjiya"it was very good!!

    plz look!



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