Aug 7, 2012

Polish Days: Polish Olympics! What the Olympics mean to me.

Honestly, I'm not the most sports crazy person. Usually I couldn't give a darn about sport and really, at the moment I still don't. But there's something about the Olympics that stirs something in even the most lackadaisical and at the very least I like to check on the Australian medal tally and watch some of the swimming events.

So when I heard the next Polish Days theme was Olympics, I had to pay homage to the only things I really care about in the Games. The Aussies and the swimming! Check it out:

Too many polishes to list, but I do remember using Wet n Wild French White Creme, Spoiled by WnW Designated Driver, China Glaze Fairy Dust, Nubar 2010, Zoya Jules, OPI Simply Smashing and some Color Club polishes among others. 

Index finger is a gradient which represents water/swimming, my favourite event! The swimming events are always huge in Australia, probably since we usually do pretty well. The middle finger is my take on the Olympic rings, the ring finger is a gold medal and the pinky is the flame from the Olympic torch. The thumb is my homage to Australia, a gradient of our green and gold sports colours and my attempt at a Southern Cross. See below for a close up!

Side view of the mani, check out the lovely glitter on my water gradient, and the flakies on my pinky flame!

A close up of the pinky. The flakies in Nubar 2010 really give it more of a flaming look.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Polish Olympics! Thanks to Hannah from Polly Polish for organizing Polish Days.

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