Aug 21, 2012

e.l.f. Glossy Gloss - Berry Blush, Tangy Tangerine and Dragonfruit.

Recently e.l.f. had a 50% sale on Studio products, so I thought I'd try out these glosses. I have so many lip products, but mostly wear tinted balms or glosses, so I wanted to get a few new colours. These three are great shades that I think will transition nicely from Summer to Fall/Autumn.

Berry Blush is a soft mauve pink, Tangy Tangerine is a muted orange and Dragonfruit is a brighter, coral pink. They look quite opaque, but the colour didn't translate quite as well on my pigmented lips.

Berry Blush

Tangy Tangerine


As you can see, Tangy Tangerine was the least opaque on my lips, while Dragonfruit was the most opaque. Berry Blush is a nice, MLBB glossy shade which looks lovely as a neutral pink. Tangy Tangerine would be great as a gloss over more opaque orange lipsticks or stains, which might need a little extra moisturisation or shine.

The texture is quite thick and sticky, which means they last a reasonable amount of time. I reapplied after about 3/4 hours, which isn't too bad for a gloss. They hydrate nicely and don't leave any greasy feeling residue on the lips. They are also great for dry lips, as they glide over any dry or flaky patches you might have, and don't emphasise fine lines. At 50% off, I got these for $1.50 each at the e.l.f. website. For the price, they are definitely a steal!

I have a bunch of other stuff from my e.l.f. Studio haul, so look out for more reviews to come :)
Have you tried any e.l.f. Glossy Glosses? I also want to try their Hypershine gloss range.


  1. beautybymissl8/22/2012 1:29 AM

    Lovely shades. I think I would not purchase these, because I am not very fond of sticky lip glosses.

  2. Yeah, they are quite sticky! I don't mind sticky glosses though, they always seem to last longer than non sticky gloss.


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