Aug 13, 2012

I cut my own bangs! Are they cute, or am I crazy?

Ok, so in Australia we actually call it a fringe but being in the US I figure I should throw in some local flavour :p

Fringe, bangs, whatever you call them, I think I usually look better with than without. As I have a rounder face, a sideswept fringe helps to elongate it and make it look slimmer.

Whenever I go to the hairdresser, they never seem to cut as much of my fringe as I want them to, so I prefer to do it myself. I just bought a pair of hair scissors, sectioned off the front of my hair and cut it with the tips of the scissors. Now, I am in no way a professional and I am not recommending you do it yourself ok, so don't blame me if you diy your fringe and it turns out hideously! >_<

Here's how mine turned out.

I think it looks pretty good, I do see a couple of places I need to even it out a bit, but overall I think I did an ok job. Lol, maybe I'm giving myself too much props.. what do you think?

My hair is so dry and frizzy right now. I think I haven't been using my hair treatment as much as I should be. I'm going to be trying out a keratin hair system soon, so hopefully it will help restore some moisture and shine. I don't wanna look like a scarecrow anymore ;__;

Another pic just for vanity's sake.

Yep, I know my roots are showing... I already redid them and dyed my ends pink! Post on that coming soon ^_^V

Have you ever cut your own hair? I've cut my fringe before, but I wouldn't attempt to give myself an actual haircut. I cut my best friend's hair into a bob when we were 13. I thought it was pretty good, but I think her mother might beg to differ LOL.


  1. They look great!

  2. They look cute! Whenever I cut my own bangs, I always make some mistakes and it turn out horrible!

  3. I actually part my hair on the opposite side than usual and cut it that way, then brush it back over to the other side. It sounds weird, but that usually helps me with the gradual layering and shape.

  4. Justine Porciuncula8/13/2012 10:43 AM

    I like it! Well done :) I use to cute my own bangs too. You've just inspired me to start cutting them again :)

  5. it came out great, can't wait to see the pink hair!

  6. Thanks! And I just posted the pink hair :D


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