Aug 16, 2012

Angelic Pretty Wishlist: super kawaii accessories

Hey hey!

Recently I saw a Japanese blogger's picture on and she had an absolutely gorgeous laser cut acrylic bow necklace from Angelic Pretty.

Source: Tokyo Fashion

Source: Tokyo Fashion

I LOVE the style, laser cut acrylic jewellery is soooo big right now especially in Asia.

I went and checked out the website (they are based in San Francisco here) and found some really adorable stuff. I found the necklace she's wearing, but they only have it in Black or Yellow, no Pink! :(

Check out my faves and click the picture to see the product page and more pics:

Glitter Ribbon Necklace - Yellow $51.00

Fantastic Ribbon Necklace - White $51.00

Symphonia Key Necklace - Gold $61.00

Crown Chocolate Necklace - Antique Gold $63.00

Dreamy Horoscope Unicorn Ring - Sax $27.00

Tiara Chocolate Ring - Mocha $28.00 (it looks like a Rolo! <3)

Crown Chocolate Ring - Ivory $34.00

Royal Chocolate Boston Bag - Pink $159.00

Lady Heart Quilted Boston Bag - White $132.00

Double Ribbon Party Bag - Pink $106.00

Royal Chocolate Baretta - Ivory $42.00

The products are somewhat expensive, so I doubt I'll be able to afford much any time soon (maybe a couple of rings!), but the quality and craftsmanship is excellent and all the items are so unique. I am especially loving that Tiara Chocolate ring, but I might be tempted to eat it while wearing it! :p

Angelic Pretty also has a lot of really gorgeous clothing and shoes (and even socks!), but most of them are a little over the top for me to wear on a day to day basis. What I love about these accessories is the ability to mix them up and wear them with more casual clothing :)

Let me know if you see anything on the site you love, or if you've seen anything similar elsewhere!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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