Jul 6, 2012

Recent Hauls: Diaso, Sasa, Hautelook & more

Ahhh shopping.. who doesn't love shopping?

I know I certainly do, so I'm sharing with you the fruits of my addiction.

The Japanese ¥100 chain Daiso just opened a store in Irvine, CA. Most of the products are $1.50 and they have some stupidly, ridiculously cute stuff there.

Two super cute notebooks, one Paris themed and one cupcake/sweet things theme. A pink butterfly eyelash case, fits 4 sets of false lashes, glue and probably tweezers if you're so inclined. And a set of 'point eyelashes', they give a really natural fuller look. I used them in my 4th of July FOTD, two at each of the outer corners of my eyes.

This is the inside of the cupcake notebook, cute or what??? I think it'll be perfect for writing notes or letters.

I also got this ridic. cute laundry bag, for undergarments and delicate stuffs.

Next, a couple of things I got from Sasa.com. I love Sasa, they have some really good brands and a big variety. I got the Dolly Wink Volume Mascara and Eyelash Fix.

I haven't tried the mascara yet, but I am IN LOVE with the Eyelash Fix!!!! It makes applying falsies SO EASY like WTF.

Went to CVS to look for Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain... didn't find the colour I wanted, so of course I ended up buying nail polish. This is Spoiled by Wet n Wild Designated Driver.

It's such a taxi colour yellow, no wonder they called it Designated Driver.

These gorgeous floral pumps caught my eye when I was browsing Hautelook. They always have great quality brands on there SUPER cheap, I got these for $20! They are really comfortable.

Speaking of florals.. I've been on a huge floral kick lately, especially roses, so when I saw this tote and scarf I just had to pick them up. And guess where I found them? Walmart. No, seriously. How pretty are they??

I can't wait to try out all my new purchases :D Next on the agenda is some arm candy. I'll be heading to Forever 21 in the near future for that!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. beautybymissl7/06/2012 7:12 AM

    These floral pumps look gorgeous!!!

  2. i love the floral bag ♥

  3. Ooh will try to look for that Eyelash Fix from the Marukai here. That's pretty awesome!

  4. I have seen it in Mitsuwa, so maybe your Marukai will have it. I did find it to be much cheaper on Sasa though, especially when they have a free shipping special.

  5. I'm loving the floral print items. HauteLook has great prices & variety.


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