Jul 28, 2012

Photo Diary: Orange County Fair

Heart-attack inducing fatty fried food, rides that I never go on, animals galore, sun, dust and never bringing enough water: this is the Orange County Fair.

This photo diary consists of pics from my recent trip to the OC Fair.

My arm candy of the day, shiny, silvery bangles from Forever 21 and a beaded crystal bracelet my mama sent me.

Deep fried klondike bar. This was my husband's, it was good but a little overdone. Icecream was liquid inside and he was complaining about it not being real fried ice cream. I'm like wtf do you think this? A chinese restaurant?

Deep fried oreos. This was mine (of course, I am an oreo fiend!) and it was heavenly. I didn't think oreos could get any better, but this was like a powdered doughnut with oreo filling.

Super sized chili cheese curly fries stack. Crispy, melty, mildly spicy goodness. The whole family (4 of us) shared this and it was enough for all of us.

All Fried Everything. Even frogs legs.

The ferris wheel! The only ride I go on nowadays. I'm just not into the whole spending $10 on a ride that's over in about 30 seconds and causes me to want to vomit. I like the ferris wheel though :D

A photo of me! Pretty much the only one of the whole day, since I'm ever the photographer, never the photographed.

Oh no wait! There's another photo of me.............................

A super unflattering picture of me in a scarecrow cut out.

Awww yeah, total fashion plate. Look out for 'Scarecrow' on your local runways.

Little wallabies! They were very placid, seemed quite  used to being around massive amounts of people. Too bad we couldn't pat them :(

Street performers, they were all on stilts and were doing crazy stunts.

Dude went and climbed that structure, freehand and wearing stilts. The people who were sitting under him eating were a little apprehensive. Well I sure as heck wouldn't want a random dude on stilts to fall into my food either..

It was a hot, long, tiring and extremely fun day :) I'm kinda disappointed because I wanted to eat funnel cake and ice cream too, but I think after the deep fried oreos anything else would have been excessive.

Does anyone else find that the older you get, the more going to places is about the food you eat? It seems to be that way for me anyway.

Hope you all have a great weekend! If you're in the SoCal area, let me know if you made it down to the fair, or if you're planning to!

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  1. Nailphotos by Lani7/29/2012 2:12 PM

    The three wallabies look so cute! Especially the little baby!


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