Jul 27, 2012

My Picks from the Missha Semi-Annual Big Summer Sale: 30-50% off

Yay, I love a big sale! I got an email this morning about the Missha Summer sale, which has 30-50% off everything. I went and checked out the sale and found my picks, which I will most likely be purchasing.

The Style Leopard Nail Polish
PRICE : $6.99 $3.5

Yes, it's another crackle polish. But the pattern and the different colours you can get make this one unique, IMO. And for $3.50, I think I can afford to pick a few up :) Probably the pink and orange!

PRICE : $29.99 $17.99

Everyone's favourite BB cream (well mine, anyway) in a LE set. One full size BB cream and a 10ml travel size. I need one of those travel sized tubes, so much more convenient to keep in your purse.

PRICE : $54.98 $27.49

BB Boomer is like a primer for the BB cream. It helps to set the BB cream, increase longevity and gives a dewy glow. This price for both of them is cheaper than the regular price of just the BB cream, so it's a good deal.

PRICE : $12.99 $7.79

I've been wanting to try this lipstick for a while, but I couldn't get past the $13 price tag..... YES we all know I'm cheap lol. The shades look really pretty and I've heard some good things about it, pigmentation-wise. The shades I want to try are BE204, CR310 and PK114.

PRICE : $4.99 $2.99

A $3 nail polish that's touted by one reviewer as being better than OPI? Yes, please. I've heard nothing but great things about this polish and there are some really pretty shades. I can't wait to try some of them for myself.

Well, those are the things that caught my attention and I will most probably be picking up this weekend. Let me know if you get anything from the sale! Missha have some great sales, so to keep up to date you should sign up to their email subscription. You also get a free gift with your first purchase, right now it's their BB Boomer.

Like I've said before, Missha does not compensate me for posting about them (although as one reader said, maybe they should! :p). I just like the brand and like sharing with you.

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