Apr 27, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart & Lollipop

Happy Friday Beauties :)

Today is a great day, I'm off to shop for cute stuff at Daiso and eat Takoyaki at Irvine Mitsuwa.

But before that, I have three more of the Revlon Lip Butters, in Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart and Lollipop to share with you. I previously reviewed Peach Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake and now I want to show you some of my favourite Spring/Summer type shades.

L-R: Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, Lollipop
DSC_0365 (Large)

L-R: Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, Lollipop
DSC_0369 (Large)

L-R: Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, Lollipop
DSC_0370 (Large)

L-R: Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, Lollipop
DSC_0394 (Large)

The texture on all of these was similar to Strawberry Shortcake, smooth and moisturising, almost feeling liking a lip balm. You do need to make sure you exfoliate your lips though, as they will show flakiness. Wear time was about 4-6 hours.

Tutti Frutti is a warm, tangerine orange. Perfect summer colour! I love the way it looks with my warm-toned skin :)


Sweet Tart is a yellow based pink, just teetering on the verge of being coral. This is the perfect pink for me that Strawberry Shortcake was not.


Lollipop – a pink toned purple. It’s a richer colour than Sweet Tart and slightly cooler. I think this is a shade that will work with many different skintones.


I’m in love with these Lip Butters and I can especially see myself wearing Tutti Frutti a lot during the coming months. Lollipop is definitely a shade that will carry into Autumn well.

Have you tried any of the Lip Butters yet? I think out of the 5 I own, my favourites are Tutti Frutti and Sweet Tart :)



  1. beautybymissl4/27/2012 10:01 AM

    Very pretty lip butter shades! I still haven´t tried them.

  2. I LOVE these lip butters. I have Sugar Plum and Cherry Tart. They are my go to products these days!

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  4. I can see myself using these a lot during summer :)

  5. Cherry Tart is next on my list!

  6. Travis Isgrigg5/31/2012 2:53 AM

    Add some accessories too. Look for gold buyers long island to upgrade your collection.


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