Apr 16, 2012

Le Edge Exfoliation Tool - Review & Giveaway!

Hey Beauties!

Recently I was contacted to try out a new exfoliation tool called Le Edge. As it is an Australian company, I had heard of the tool before, but didn't know much about it until now.

What is Le Edge?

From the Le Edge website:

The Le Edge exfoliation tool has a patented “higher than surgical grade” stainless steel gentle edge that removes the top layer of dead skin revealing the younger vibrant living skin beneath.
Le Edge is precision designed to remove with ease dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface, revealing the newer younger cells and more radiant skin. Le Edge removes dulling surface debris such as toxins, oil, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. This process helps to restore the skin texture and by doing so, helps to reduce the size of the skin’s pores naturally.
Le Edge is excellent for both men’s and women’s skin care. Use Le Edge as a pre-shave to lift ingrown hairs away from the skin, to help with tie rash and other shaving conditions. Use Le Edge to remove your old instant tan application and to exfoliate in preparation for your new tanning session. Exfoliating before waxing or shaving your body helps to even out the skin’s surface allowing for a smoother shave. Use Le Edge exfoliating tool as part of your pedicure routine to maintain clean and beautiful feet. With no chemicals, just water, Le Edge is safe to use on dry skin or even sensitive skin. It does not disturb or irritate the skin’s natural ph balance.

The handle is textured to provide a secure grip while you are in the shower/bath. I like the design as it feels comfortable in the hand and is easy to use, much like a razor.

The blade itself is quite blunt, it's not sharp at all, so it doesn't pose a risk of cutting or scraping your skin. I was a little worried about using it at first, but it's actually quite gentle.


1. Le Edge is for use on wet skin; ideally, you should exfoliate when in the shower, under warm running water which will help to open up the skin’s pores, or, have a warm bowl of water to wet down the skin.
2. Hold your Le Edge at a 45-degree angle to the area you are exfoliating. Place your fingers where indicated by the power grips to prevent slipping.
3. The warm water will soften the skin surface allowing Le Edge to slide along the skin collecting the outer layer of dead skin cells, and debris such as soap, creams, oils, dirt, or instant tan remnants.
4. Move to another area of the body always sliding along the skin in the direction that feels comfortable for you.

They don't recommend a particular direction, just to do what feels comfortable to you. I just used it the same way I use a razor, against the grain of the hair growth. It did a really good job of exfoliating the dead skin, especially on my feet around the heels. You can actually see the dead skin building up, so I washed it off during usage. I really liked using it on my legs, usually I have quite sensitive skin, but Le Edge didn't give me any irritation or raised bumps like some other types of exfoliation I've tried. I used it before shaving and noticed less ingrown hairs and bumps on my skin afterwards. I do prefer not to use it on my face, however, just because the skin is super sensitive and it was a little painful when going over a blemish.

Overall, I quite liked the product for exfoliating my body (mainly legs and arms), but I'll continue to use more traditional scrubs on my face.

Le Edge is pretty affordable at $34.95, when you consider that it's guaranteed for 12 months. Most scrubs cost around $6 - $12 and usually only last me a couple of months.

Have you ever tried an exfoliation tool like Le Edge?

I also have another pink one to giveaway!

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