Apr 18, 2012

Beauty In Your Budget – Top 5 At-Home Beauty Tips For Mommies

Happy hump day, Beauties!

Today I have a guest post for you from Brenda on DIY budget beauty tips :)

Beauty products are expensive and if you are budgeting, then these products can leave a dent in your pocket. If you’re a momma, it’s natural for you to believe in frugal living and cut back on your expenses wherever possible. This is the reason why you can totally rely on beauty tips from your kitchen that are both effective and inexpensive.

Wonder how you can implement some natural and pocket-friendly ways of looking beautiful in your life? Given below are a few at-home kitchen beauty tips that you might love:

  1. Dry Skin – Body lotions and moisturizers are expensive and you need more than a dollop when you are treating elbows, feet and dry knees. An inexpensive moisturizer can be found in your Vaseline. Apply it on dry areas and look forward to soft skin. After applying them on feet, put on your socks. Do this at least once a week for best results.
  2. Puffy Eyes – Forget those mornings of waking up with puffy eyes and rushing around trying to find a solution for it. Take a raw potato and slice it. Place them on your eyelids and relax for a few minutes. Your puffy eyes will be gone before you know!
  3. Blackheads – The appearance of blackheads are a warning for you to clean up your skin before they turn into acne. Mix equal quantities of oatmeal and honey. Scrub your face with this mixture and eliminate blackheads effectively.
  4. Stained Fingernails – Your stained fingernails no longer have to be hidden under gloves or a coating of nail color. Buff your nails with lemon or soak them in a solution of a teaspoon lemon juice added to six times the quantity of warm water for about 10-15 minutes. Lemon juice tends to dry skin so apply a good moisturizer or Vaseline and wear gloves to retain the moisture. 
  5. Body – Body scrubs of various brands are expensive. They no doubt contain perfumes like rose and lavender but when you can get the same glowing results with a home made body scrub, why would you spend so much? Make a body scrub at home using ingredients available in your kitchen. Exfoliate your skin with this scrub and step out of the shower with a skin that speaks volumes about your youth. To make your body scrub, oil and sugar in the ratio of 1:2. Scrub your skin with this in circular motions. This will enhance the blood circulation and give your skin a healthy glow.

Step out of the house with the same confidence of celebrities, now that you are perfectly turned out with a pampered and moisturized skin that glows.

Brenda Lyttle is a beauty expert and is also the owner of the website, http://www.costumesmegastore.com/, which is a popular portal to buy innovative costumes. 


  1. These posts are really great to help those ladies who can't afford those expensive makeover but still they want to look as beautiful are other and these posts sharing easy to apply at-home kitchen beauty tips really help them a lot. Thanks for the nice post..

  2. I think sleep is the best beauty tip ever. Sleep can eliminate puffy eyes and dry skin. It's very beneficial for your skin. Natural sleep aids are very effective for me in improving my sleep.


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