Mar 9, 2012

New Haircut & Style by Tiffany at Beauty Heaven

Hey Beauties :D

I've been needing to cut my hair for a while now. I'm trying to grow it out and it was still somewhat asymmetrical, so I went and got it cut by Tiffany at Beauty Heaven in Irvine, CA.

DSC_0365 (Large)

As you can see in my 'Before' picture, my hair was limp and lifeless :(
The ends were also very dry as a result of the lightening I’ve been doing..


I had previously found Tiffany through a daily deals website, when she was at a different salon, and was very happy with the haircut and colour she gave me. Recently she contacted me to let me know she moved to Beauty Heaven in Irvine, CA which is closer to me - yay!

Beauty Heaven is a clean, bright and modern salon. It's not very big, only about 6 chairs, but it doesn't feel too crowded. You can also book ONLINE. Yes, that’s right. ONLINE. This is heavenly (#pun) for a technology geek like me: if I could do everything online or by text, I would be happy. I hate talking to people on the phone.

This is the kind of look I was going for: one length wavy bob, with a soft sideswept fringe.

alexa-300x450 Medium-Layered-Bob-Hair-Style-2011 nicolerichieblondehair

(Sidenote: I have a HUGE girl-crush on Alexa Chung [first pic] she is so effortlessly gorgeous and stylish!)

Super love Tiffany, she is very friendly and attentive to what you want in a hair cut. She listened to my ideas and then gave me some suggestions that would work well for my hair type.

I had an asymmetrical bob before and as I'm trying to grow it out, I wanted it one length, but with some light layering to give it volume. She asked how I would usually style my hair so that the cut would be easy for me to manage at home. This was great, as I've had experiences in the past where I look amazing coming out of the salon, but when I try to style my hair at home I look like an unkempt poodle. Not the case here.

She is very thorough and initially cut my hair damp, then dried it and finished the process so she could make sure the result was exactly what I wanted.


(GAWD I need to dye my hair again -_-)

Tiffany continually made sure I was happy with how the cut was going and when she styled it, she showed me exactly what she was doing and gave me some tips to try at home.


She actually used a flat iron to give my hair a more natural wave, heating the hair shaft and then twisting it around her finger to give it a curl. Simple, right? So simple I never thought of doing it like that -_-

The results are GORGEOUS. I'm in love with how the back looks.
after  side

(I swear, my hair is not that orange IRL!!! It was the flash!!)

I came out of the salon with an amazing haircut and feeling good. The morning after washing my hair, styling was very easy and the cut looks great with my natural texture. I feel like I have so much more volume!


I will definitely come back to Tiffany next time I need a hair cut. I know she also does hair and eyelash extensions and I am looking forward to trying them out! As soon as I can get my husband to warm up to the idea, that is…

If you are in the SoCal area, you can book by contacting Tiffany directly at or check out the salon details below.

Beauty Heaven Salon
2626 DuPont drive
Irivine, CA 92612

So, what do you think of my new look? :D

Disclosure: Services provided for review. This is no way influences my opinion on the service.


  1. Definitely has more volume.

  2. I like your hair cut too!

  3. Yes it does! I find when my hair gets longer and isn't layered it can get very limp :(

  4. Vanessa Paul3/09/2012 12:01 PM

    You look too awesome. So pretty.

  5. Toyomi Johnson3/09/2012 12:29 PM

    This haircut awesome on you ! It works well with you face shape. I love the shirt btw c:

  6. Thanks! I got it in the kids section haha.

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