Mar 1, 2012

Best free kawaii 'purikura' Photo Apps for Android

I'm big on purikura and photo apps. I love to decorate my pictures 'purikura' style with ridiculously cute (kawaii) stuff and post them online so everyone else can see how ridiculous I am.

I have been using a few different apps and I thought I'd share my favourites with you! These are Android apps (iPhone users can't have all the fun!) so they may not be available to all of you. I know some of them have an iPhone app as well though :D

This is a pretty detailed post, read on if you prefer to know the specifics on each app... otherwise you can just look at the pretty pictures. And please feel free to laugh at my awkward faces :D

NOTE: These are the free apps that I consider, in my opinion, the best.


  • Great beauty editing tools: Slim, Better Skin, Larger Eyes, Red Eye etc
  • Big variety of filters: Vintage, Studio, Lomo, Black & White and many more
  • Basic editing functions: Crop, Contrast, Brightness, Vignette, 
  • Best interface, very easy to navigate, place stickers, edit and undo/redo
  • Freehand crop, not limited to a specific ratio
  • Collage option with different frames and layouts, or freehand option
  • Edits in portrait or landscape and has frames for both orientations
  • Easy saving and sharing options. Shares to most apps on your phone with sharing capabilities
  • Not many cute frames or stickers. It has a few, but not in my opinion cute.. you might like them.
  • Can only add your own text inside a callout/word balloon

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Photowonder! This is my favourite app for editing and applying filters. They have 'Beauty' functions!!!! Slim your face, brighten and smooth skin, make your eyes larger!! You know you want to. Because they don't have a lot of cute frames/stickers/text I usually edit the photo and apply filters in Photowonder, and then open it in one of the other photo apps to add the extras.


I've never been to Paris. It's just for extra 'chic' factor. Everybody's doing it.

  • Big variety of super cute frames & stickers and ability to download more
  • Easy to place, rotate, resize and move stickers
  • A variety of different colours and fonts for text
  • Ability to place text anywhere and resize/rotate
  • Freehand pen with different colours to draw on the photo
  • Very few social sharing options for english speakers, only option to share via Facebook/Twitter
  • Confusing saving options
  • Shares publicly on Snapeee unless you change privacy
  • No filters
  • Have to crop photo into a square, all frames are square, no option to edit in portrait or landscape

Okay, first things first. The saving options with Snapeee are confusing. You have to upload it to the Snapeee 'timeline' and it will be shared publicly unless you uncheck the "Share with everyone" option. It saves a copy to your main camera folder instead of a separate Snapeee folder, then you have to search for it within your camera folder as it doesn't always show up with the new photos. However, it has the biggest variety and the cutest frames and stickers. I super love the style as they have a lot of vintage and girly stuff. It's also really easy to use and has undo/redo function.


'Geek chic' lol. I actually have glasses, but I choose to not wear them and then add a glasses sticker..... it totally makes sense.

  • Some choice of filters
  • Different style frames to the other apps
  • A variety of different colours and fonts for text
  • Ability to place text anywhere and resize/rotate
  • Freehand pen with different colours to draw on the photo
  • Saves easily to DECOPIC folder
  • Cant move stickers/text once placed
  • Limited sharing options - only Facebook & Twitter for english speakers
  • Limited frames and stickers
  • Have to crop photo into a square, all frames are square, no option to edit in portrait or landscape

DECOPIC has some different styled frames, like the starry frame which I LOVE. They also have blogger style stickers for 'daily outfit' shots and such. They have really cute stamps as well! It's pretty limited in variety though, the frames and stickers are cute but there aren't that many of them. I also HATE how you can't move something after you've placed it on the photo and you can only undo one thing or you have to clear everything. That is super annoying. I like the filters on this app, they have some that have to be unlocked though - you unlock them by sharing pictures to Facebook or Twitter.

I have soooooooooo many other photo apps, but these are the 3 I use most. I might do a part 2 and add the other few that I use pretty regularly. Sometimes it feels a little juvenile adding so many stickers to my photos... but I DON'T CARE! I'll be cutesy until I'm so old that it's slightly nauseating.

Best thing about these 3 apps... they are FREE! :D You can find them in the Android market.

Do you use any photo editing apps on your smartphone/tablet/iPhone/iPad?


  1. Vanessa Paul3/01/2012 7:41 PM

    This awesome. I've been looking at photoediting apps on droid and I just didnt know where to choose. Thanks for clearing it up!

  2. You know many photo apps. I tried to use it, but it takes long time to do a little thing on my old iPhone. When I get a new iPhone, I will try to use it again!

  3. Glad to help! None of them alone have absolutely everything I want, but the three of them together are great! I do wish they'd make an app that had everything though haha.

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  5. Dear Ishah! I found an app that has everything together, i think there are more like this one but i didn't have the time to shearch for more. WePurikura for example is one that i've been trying:

    Hope this helps! ^_^


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