Jan 18, 2012

SOPA is not the answer.

Ok, I get that we shouldn't be downloading the latest Justin Bieb.... Uhh I mean Kanye West song off the internet, we should be spending the 99c on amazon (fffuuuuuu itunes!) and actually supporting the artist. I'm guilty of violating a few copyrights here and there, but as a part time recording artist/budding photographer/random beauty blogger I understand the importance of not ripping off someone's hard work.

That being said, censoring the internet and giving companies the right to shut down websites willy nilly is NOT THE WAY TO GO ABOUT IT. America is SO proud of "freedom of speech" and politicians are so quick to condemn countries like China and North Korea for internet censorship, but they are prepared to go forward with SOPA??

Makes no sense to me.

Please go and sign this petition to stop SOPA and PIPA. End piracy NOT Liberty! click!

Even if you aren't in the US, this bill WILL affect most of the sites you use every day, such as Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia etc.

Thanks for your time, Beauties!

Ishah xx

Edit: if you aren't sure what SOPA is out would like more information, check out this article via mashable here.

Beauty Bloggers, add your link here to oppose SOPA: here.

Here's a bribe picture of me and my cute niece to convince you.

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